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despois1.png The trap creates a poisonous mist, which will cause poison damage to opponents.


Usage Strategies

  • The "Throw 'n' Go" technique. Throw a trap ahead of you as you advance through a tough or unfamiliar area. Especially useful when fighting Cerebropods. Even if they freeze your CA/Trap timers, you should have one or two active traps to lead them back to.
  • The "Round 'em Up" technique. Toss several PM's around you and then go and round up the surrounding enemies and lead them back to their demise. Works extremely well in the Sakkara area and Ghost Cave.
  • Works well with Cobra against dangerous foes. Use Cobra to stun and then continuously toss PM's.
  • Keep PM level low (about 1.0-2.5 second regen) and instead pump Testosterone. This allows you to cast PM's very quickly and thus able to respond to changes in battle. Very handy if using split or dealing with archers.
  • Some quests are extremely easy. Take the 'Painting' Quest in Mascarell. Throw several PM's just outside the house then speak to man inside. When you come out, the PM's will immediately start damaging soldiers. Same with 'Cave of Heroes'. Throw as many active PM's as you can on grave then open it. Most heroes don't stand a chance.


  • Poison is 'the gift that keeps on giving'. Low poison resist foes will continue taking damage even if outside PM trap area.
  • A very potent trap especially when used with Testosterone.
  • While on horseback you can cast PM's even quicker.


  • Not very effective against Undead or high poison resist foes.
  • Takes a lot of runes in PM and/or Test to keep effective, especially at higher levels.