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recoil.png Only works with two-handed weapons. The opponent is pushed back by a mighty blow and takes damage. Every enemy hit by the affected opponent also takes damage. Large opponents are not thrown very far. This two-handed weapon only combat move is entirely unique to the Dwarf. In one respect, it resembles the Combat Kick move of other Sacred characters. However, it goes beyond in what happens next! The effective use of this move in combat requires some savvy maneuvering on the part of the Dwarf. If used properly, the Dwarf can send a man-sized (or smaller) opponent flying into a crowd of enemies, damaging all who are hit by this missile and stunning them in the process! Note that Recoil will not work on Ogre-sized (or larger) opponents. When used in conjunction with Vehemence, Recoil can render a Dwarf's opponents senselessly dead very quickly.

Usage Strategies

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Pros and Cons


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Stats Chart

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