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Rumors and Gossip Submitted by Librarian on July 25, 2004 - 3:14pm. Rumors and Gossips


[color=navy](Reference based and expanded from "NPC messages" by Librarian)

Ok, the NPCs in Sacred are not as helpful with their random replying system. But! The infos are there nonetheless. Not convinced?

Here is the RPG part of Ancaria. (I remembered reading these infos for the first time and actually gone back to play the campaign again). But I warn you right now, this thread will be really really long. And yes its all very trivia. I know that. Call me crazy to bring them back to surface, or dig in.

Libirarian wrote most of this. I have organized and rewritten part of the infos (mostly so that it would makes sense as a thread in the forum). Original citation is also listed.

Edit on Mar 18,07: 1) Added new conversations that I know of. 2) Added the rumor of Succubus, which probably is UW only and refer to the ending of Unknown warrior series.


Introduction (AAA)

Being a class hack 'n slash game Sacred is not all about decapitating hordes of monsters and solving quests. There are other, peaceful ways of interacting with the world of Ancaria - that is chatting with the citizens (NPCs) of Ancaria's many inhabited places. They are rarely inclined to open up and say anything meaningful - most often NPCs just keep singing you praises for making their town a safer place or scold you for pestering them. Don't forget that they are live beings and need to work, earn money, shop, raise kids and, heck, even sleep. Therefore it is highly possible you will find many rumors and gossips that you have never encountered in the game.

Generic rumors (BBB)

Generic rumors - these can be heard in any part of Ancaria and begin with the "Have you heard?" statement. Their purpose is to introduce the player to the basic game concepts or give background information on the current region.

  • Beyond the ways that link all the cities and villages there are many ruins and hidden caves that are not shown on the known maps. They say treasures are guarded by particularly horrible creatures that can only be defeated by a great hero.

  • The south of the empire is formed by the border settlements of Bellevue, Silver Creek and Porto Vallum. But the time to rest is over, because Dark Elves, Goblins, Orcs and worse are coming this way. Even the dead in the graveyards are moving restlessly in their graves... or are they even leaving them? Someone with enough courage should perhaps look at the graves to find out whether the dead are still where they belong!

  • The Combo Master of Silver Creek has a very good reputation. A gladiator told how he had developed his own fighting technique, combining an 'Attack' with a 'Multi-hit', firstly to discover the leader and then to give his henchmen a thorough thrashing as they hurry to his aid. Talk to the Combo Master - he will certainly be able to tell you more.

  • Combo Masters will teach you how to put together special combinations from individual combat techniques. I once saw a Seraphim who made a combat jump into a skirmish, carried out an attack against a leader and then performed a multi-hit against the henchmen as they hurried to help, and then burned away the last henchman with a heavenly lightning beam.

  • You can improve your weapons and armor. This may make sense especially if you notice that certain opponents are too strong or are protected by magic. Items forged in this way can also be removed.

  • There is a great deal of secret knowledge contained in the books of this world. It is said that the gods reward those who have collected all the titles in a series and read them into their log book. There are also hidden instructions there about whether proud generals in days of old carried unusual magical weapons or armor.

  • Off the beaten track there are often caves, ruins and other places where creatures, vagabonds and worse things dwell. It is said that adventurous warriors can find all kinds of objects, weapons and equipment there… if they survive, since some creatures are very strong and it is only a strong and experienced fighter who is able to defeat them... if he knows how to use the right combat arts or even has the right 'tools'.

  • The beautiful Mascarell, home of aesthetes, artists, skilled horsepeople and skilled warriors, is a jewel that Baron DeMordrey has long wanted to have. Forest rangers say that off the beaten track, there are many DeMordrey henchmen, ronin, dwelling in old caves.

  • Since this is the land of the aesthetes, poets and thinkers, naturally everyone can read. A passion among the Mascarell inhabitants is to collect series of books, for it is said that the gods grant their special grace to those who strive towards completeness. So, if you find books, read them into your log book and who knows what will happen when you know all there is to know about geography or history!

  • The Sharuka Guard of our master DeMordrey are the toughest fighters Ancaria has ever seen. They are feared by friend and foe alike. Those hard-bitten fellows swear their oaths with their blood. Some of them even use vampire swords, which suck the life out of a foe... Gruesome!

  • Who cares if King Aarnum is old and weak or even dead, for isn't one ruler just like the next? New taxes, higher taxes, wars, despotism, double standards! Ye gods, the world is going through changes and I tell you the house of Aarnum and of his son Valor is heading for disaster.

  • Double standards wherever you look. You can kill, assassinate, murder, maim, but woe to anyone who is seen with a 'flower girl' or even names her trade! Wham! Your tongue is cut out, your head rolls, or your neck gets stretched! If you want to know more about it, collect the laws of the barony of DeMordrey!

  • The Sakkara cult has made some particularly bloody sacrifices. Their followers are said to seek out the blood of a virgin to offer her to their demonic gods. The poor girls who are sacrificed in the name of this gruesome practice… And what madness this search is for the one with the true bloodline!

  • The tavern 'Ascaron's Reputation' is the meeting point for many adventurers, villains, thieves and bandits. You can often find someone there who can give you information. It is rumored that the landlord has an entranceway into the drain system.

  • The creatures in the dark regions often have great powers of resistance and attack with magic and poison. Perhaps you should have your armor improved by a smith to protect against these.

  • The whisky from Moorbrook is famous throughout the world, but it has toxic effects… So don't try too much if you get the opportunity to secure a bottle or two. Better to sell it to a landlord, who will reward you handsomely for a thirty year-old 'Silver Dragon'. But if you talk to the traders in Moorbrook, you will find out more.

  • It is said that south of the plateau of Alkazaba noc Draco, there is the destroyed Orc village of Urkuk, where once gruesome battles were fought. Have you been there?

  • Whisky from faraway Moorbrook is rare and highly sought-after hereabouts. If you ever get the opportunity to obtain whole barrels in Moorbrook, then think of us. You are sure to find a purchaser or two here who will turn the barrel into money for you.

  • There are many varied types of horse throughout the kingdom. If you continue to travel so much, you should enquire from the horse dealers about the horses of the region. Take note of their resistance, strength in battle and speed.

  • 20 or 30 years ago many settlements were given up in the East. In many cases, the families were murdered, the stronger youths were taken away and sold into slavery to scrape a living as gladiators. But why am I telling you all this.

Local rumors (CCC)

Local rumors - ah! The jewel of this section! These rumors are also introduced with "Have you heard?" but are far more scintillating - they contain hints to finding Easter Eggs, accessing mysterious areas and what not. They are called "local" due to the fact that information contained in them pertains to a single region, although the rumors can be heard miles away from the place.

Edit: I have filled out the fact column for those that I know. If there is an "edit" below the fact column, that fact column is written by Librarian.

Edit on Mar 18,07: Added some rumors that didn't exist before Plus. (of course I can't be sure that I have all of them)

Rumor #1:

The Sakkara cult has spread in Bellevue. It seems those wicked sectarians have even enticed a Seraphim into their power and hidden her in an old dungeon. But, of course, that is only a rumor!


Some say there are hidden caves and dungeons beyond the old villa where a vampire beast dwells. But no one dares enter such dark places, apart from the wicked or the foolish, who lust after gold, fortune and glory.

Heard where: first rumor throughout the Empire, the second one in Bellevue (Southern Borderlands)

Fact: the rumor holds true. The "vampire beast" mentioned is probably the vampire character, who starts the game in the old mansion. East of the villa a passage in the woods leads to a secret dungeon. There's an imprisoned seraphim in the dungeon, part of the Lightsabre Easter Egg.

Edit: This is only the first part of the Lightsabre, the second part can only be done by a Seraphim.

Rumor #2:

There are very different types of horse in our empire. Go to horse traders and look at the animals, for they give to the skilled rider who knows how to control them not only speed, but also resistance against fire, magic or even poison. There are also rumors that the Orcs of Khorad-Nur or worse creatures have even more special war horses.

Heard where: throughout the Empire

Fact: unconfirmed

Edit: This is more of an info, the horses of the Shaddar Rims are of course special.

Rumor #3:

To the west of Mascarell there lie the forests of the Elves of Tyr-Fasul. No one entering these forests has ever returned from there. It's said there are far worse places there than the deserted forest fortress of Tyr-Fasul. Legends and songs tell of a horrific dragon who lurks on his golden treasure like a DeMordrey crow.


Off the beaten track there is said to be a grumpy old dragon who guards his treasures. If you have not succumbed fully to madness, then you should not venture further into the forest. Or have you encountered him already and survived?!

Heard where: Mascarell, Porto Draco (Barony of Mascarell)

Fact: unconfirmed

Edit: I'm not sure how Librarian missed it since he has a map of dragon locations. This refers to the forest dragon, you can get there by going South of Porto Draco and head all the way west.

Rumor #4:

Tyr-Hadar, the city of the Elves is only a legend, Amon-Shi! No one knows the way there


The forest fortress of Tyr-Fasul is the origin of the friendship with the Elves of Tyr-Hadar. One day when all the horror of DeMordrey and the terrors that are still to come are forgotten, we hope to find the forgotten road to Tyr-Hadar.

Heard where: Mascarell, Porto Draco (Barony of Mascarell), Timberton (Timberton Woods)

Fact: The rumor holds true, there is such a city/region and you will be able to get there.

Edit: Since Plus, you can get into this legend land through the added track in the forest of Tyr-Fasul.

Rumor #5:

Many Orcs have been seen by the Forest Rangers, wandering at night along secret paths towards the north. All we need now is for that evil brood to become established here!


In Timberton, the heart of the DeMordrey timber industry, people are pushing ever further into the forests of Tyr-Hadar and war with the Elves threatens. And even Orcs from Khorad-Nur have been seen moving further northwards…

Heard where: Timberton (Timberton Woods)

Fact: Truly orcish presence in the region is noticeable. It still remains a mystery how the sand folk covered miles of hostile territory (Mascarell, Orcan Frontier and Barony DeMordrey) to reach this place.

Edit: Nothing to add.

Rumor #6:

Wolfdale, which once was a successful trading station, has a new plague of wolves - these wolves are protected by strange powers. It is even rumored that there is an animagician who is able to take on the form of a wolf.

Heard where: Wolfdale, Crow's Rock Castle (Barony of DeMordrey)

Fact: Well, not to say there are really very many wolves or warghs in the region but the animagican reference is true. Nothing special about the guy - he's part of the "Wolf's Blood" side quest given by Wrendeghast, Landowner of Wolfdale.

Edit: Nothing to add.

Rumor #7:

There are many caves in the mountains separating Slater's Grave, the site of the slate quarry, and Crow's Rock Castle. It is even said that the Baron has secret chambers hidden at the back of this palace. What might be in there? Who knows?


To the south of Crow's Rock Castle, at the edge of the barony, there is an island on which a dragon supposedly lives, making the region unsafe. Creatures of that kind belong to the realm of legend is what I say. But there are many fools who believe that such a beast guards great treasures... Anyway, this island would hardly be reachable on foot! What a lot of nonsense...

Heard where: Slater's Cave, Crow's Rock Castle (Barony of DeMordrey)

Fact: The secret chamber mentioned in the first rumor has a small portal that activates after you kill the guardian magician (normal unit). The portal leads to the island of Dragon Mortis and doesn't have any treasure piles. And yes there're definitely many caves around Slater's Grave.

Edit: Nothing to add.

Rumor #8:

Baron DeMordrey has now got himself armored wolves. Astonishing, because until recently only the Dark Elves from Zhurag-Nar had such creatures. You can't help wondering where he could have got these animals from…

Heard where: Slater's Cave, Crow's Rock Castle (Barony of DeMordrey)

Fact: No big secret about the battle wolves aka warghs - they are caught and trained at Wolfdale with no obvious help from the Dark Elves. The town folk strive to gain imdependence from the Barony that you can help them achieve in the course of side quests.

Edit: Nothing to add.

Rumor #9:

Braverock Castle is the capital of the empire. Some learned people claim that it was built on a stronghold built by the Dark Elves and that there are many caves and catacombs alongside the drains.

Heard where: Braverock Castle (Heartland)

Fact: Part of the main quest.

Rumor #10:

People keep disappearing at night. Some have their throats cut by robbers, others are never seen again… Some mad imaginations even tell of a vampire queen who inhabits the depths of the drainage system… What nonsense!

Heard where: Braverock Castle (Heartland), Shires Pen (Corn Lands)

Fact: This refers to the Vampire Queen inside the Ascaron's Call, can only be activated by a Vampiress.

Rumor #11:

In Bravesbury, not only do the Sakkara sect perpetrate their sinister doings, but there is supposed to be a ghastly monster in the forest that was created by a witch…

Heard where: Bravesbury, Shires Pen (Corn Lands)

Fact: unconfirmed

Edit: Nothing pops up from my mind about this and the one below, its been a long time since I played the campaign. I'm also not sure if #12 refers to the same thing.

Rumor #12:

Shires Pen at the edge of the DeMordreys' barony is the grain store of the empire. Off the beaten track there are said to be caves that are home to some of the strangest monsters...

Heard where: Shires Pen (Corn Lands), Crow's Rock Castle (Barony of DeMordrey)

Fact: unconfirmed

Edit: Read the edit above

Rumor #13:

Hedgenton is riven by a terrible blood-feud that has split it in half, making traveling through it difficult. There are many old strongholds from the time of Aarnum I to the south of Hedgenton and it is said that there is a secret passage there where it is suspected that Thorwyn's grave lies.


Anyone seeking a passage through to the east should make their way via Bravewall. In the taverns there, wanderers have told of a secret passageway to the south of Hedgenton. But only a fool would choose such a route, because there are many ruins there where all kinds of horrors could have made their home.

Heard where: Braverock Castle, Bravewall (Heartland)

Fact: unconfirmed

Edit: Updated on Mar 18,07. The info finally came back to me. This refers to the Thorwyn's grave (as the rumor said, stupid me). There is a fort like entrance east of Hedgenton, which is a tunnel to a small area that contail a funny grave and the Thorwyn's Club. There is also an entrance to another tunnel that takes you directly in front of the Azschabrag entrance (in other words, this is the fastest route to the Swamp dragon in MP).

Rumor #14:

In the dark regions, there are many strange creatures. If you are brave (or mad) enough, then seek out the region beyond Moorbrook where there is said to be a village forgotten by time. But it is surely only a fairytale…

Heard where: throughout the Empire

Fact: Tristram, need I say more?

Rumor #15:

The Seraphim were once the warriors of the gods, but old Loromir has got it into his head to train male paladins who are brave, virtuous and honorable and who turn their faces against the immorality of the world. You should pay him a visit at Dragons' Lair. It is really extraordinary what the old boy gets up to there!


In Gloomoor there is an arena where gladiators can fight, while in Dragon's Lair there lives the old Loromir who claims to train knights, using his mad ideas. But Moorbrook is really worth a trip. They make the best whisky in the empire there - even if the empire has long since given up the dark regions.

Heard where: throughout the Empire

Fact: This refers to the friendly dragon Loromir who resides in Dragons' Lair. And yes there are quests from the friendly dragon. Northwest of Mystdale Castle.

Rumor #16:

The Sakkara cult is a cancerous growth in the enclave at Mystdale Castle, the hideout of the magicians. They live in the dark quarter, a place of gloom and darkness, where they are said to have created a network of wormhole portals… ghastly people! Oh and when you are in the enclave, visit the zoo! They say there are many strange creatures there...

Heard where: Mystdale Castle (Band of Mages)

Fact: The portals are part of the main quest, and there is indeed a zoo in Mystdale Castle

Rumor #17:

It is said that behind the cave of the dragon Sirithcam there is another plateau where strange treasures and hideous creatures live… and an old transfer portal that can lead you out of this Hell stinking of sulfur.


The safest place from all this evil in the world is probably Alkazaba noc Draco. Those mad emigrants are said to worship a DRAGON! Well, anyway, no ORCS are likely to venture out to those distant volcanic lands.


The cult of the Dragon Sirithcam claims it will lead our people out of the kingdom and into freedom… but now we are prisoners in this world of caves, prisoners of the rites and customs under which we sacrifice our children to a beast… But what am I chattering for? If the guards or the priests were to overhear this, the flames would burn for me too!


Alkazaba noc Draco is the place dedicated to Sirithcam the Dragon. The people are subject to the priests who sacrifice our daughters to the creature as much as to the soldiers. But what am I blathering about? We are safe here against the ORCS of the desert and the lizards and wyverns which lurk around here. Protect yourself against these creatures whose strength lies in attacking with fire and embers. Better still, seek protection from special armor that guards you against fire.

Heard where: Alcazaba noc Draco (Volcanic Plains), Mascarell, throughout the empire

Fact: This refers to the element quest and the fire dragon Sirithcam, and there is a portal at the end. Note that even the game cannot spell Alcazaba noc Draco wink.gif, its either K or C.

Rumor #18:

Sirithcam, one of the fire dragons, is said to have fought on the side of Worganar at the time of the Wars of the Gods and to have finished off a few Seraphim. What treasures must be hidden in his lair?

Heard where: Alcazaba noc Draco (Volcanic Plains)

Fact: unconfirmed

Edit: If this refers to the piles of "Buried treasures", its lame. wink.gif

Rumor #19:

I have highly exotic goods to sell. A dragon's egg from far off Alcazaba nor Draco. I'll let you have it at a knock-down price! Are you interested?" (Accept/Reject)

Heard where: Outside Mystdale castle.

Fact: I added this because this is indeed a conversation, even if it is more like a quest. You can buy this dragon egg, and either sell it to a mage in Mystdale castle for a massive profit or take it to the friendly dragon Loromir for exp reward. The rumor that Loromir will raise the dragon is false.

Rumor #20:

In the mountains that separate the Wyvern Valley from the desert of Korad-Nur, there is said to be a secret passageway made by the Orcs. Of course only a madman would dare to venture there…

Heard where: Alcazaba noc Draco (Volcanic Plains)

Fact: As the rumor described, there is such a tunnel, there are gaint spiders inside too. Its hard to say where exactly it is by words though.

Rumor #21:

Spies taken prisoner by some Orcs after the massacre at Wyvern Pass reported that the Orcs have a hidden island to the south of Khorad-Nur on which some wondrous things are found. I think it's just another groundless rumor!

Heard where: Alcazaba noc Draco (Volcanic Plains)

Fact: Holiday Island!

Rumor #22:

Hey, be gone, only members of "Tomb Raiders Treasure Hunters, Inc" are allowed in here. We discovered this area first and that gives us the right to claim it for ourselves. If you want to join our GUILD, find our representative in Gloomoor and he will admit you if he deems you worthy.


Well, well...What do we have here? Probably one of those countless heroes roaming ANCARIA these days. I work for 'Tomb Raiders Treasure Hunters, Inc'. Prove your worth by standing your ground for 5 rounds in this arena and I might be able to assign you a task.

Heard where: Azschabrag entrance, Gloomoor Arena

Fact: New messages for the new Azschabrag region quest, aka. Tomb Raiders, Inc series.

Rumor #23: UW only!!!

Once there traveled a woman throughout the lands, a Succubus, she called herself. Such was her beauty that every man she passed was quick to offer her both his life and his soul.

Heard where: throughout the empire

Fact: Another new message. Most likely is a reference to the added ending of the Unknown Warrior series. The prototype sword is the reward for completing the quest.

Campaign rumors (Act I) (DDD)

Campaign gossips - the actions you undertake while following the main questline and the outcome of campaign quests are vital to the future of Ancaria. NPCs can't stay blind to the epic battle, besides they just love to discuss news and criticize those in power. Being less useful than the above mentioned local or generic rumors, gossips can still provide some fresh information, especially if you are beating the campaign for the first time. The classification given below is not strict - you can often hear act II campaign gossips in act IV at least in Sacred versions pre 1.7 The reason is... well, by the time they learn in Moorbrook that DeMordrey became Regent the baron can already be dead; and some citizens seem to learn the news weeks before it happens.

  • Ancaria, a world full of beauty and horror at the same time. The soothsayers to King Aarnum have foreseen blood on the horizon. The Orcish snake of the south is spitting its poison towards us, whilst in the north, the DeMordreys' smithies and hearths are forging glowing steel...

  • Prince Valor, son of King Aarnum is fighting the Orcs of Khorad-Nur to the south of Porto Vallum.

Why do those ghastly creatures have to invade our empire?!

  • King Aarnum is old and weak. What will become of us if he dies?

Valor, his son is still much too young to protect us against all our enemies!

  • Baron DeMordrey, the King's Field Marshal, has already increased the taxes in his barony! I don't believe that Prince Valor is strong enough to assert himself against him if King Aarnum dies…

What would become of us then?

  • And I tell you, this Baron DeMordrey is more evil than the infamous magician Shaddar, who is surely plotting something again in that tower of his in the wilderness…

But DeMordrey - he is a brilliant strategist… brilliant but ruthless!

  • Oh, how wonderful life is under King Aarnum! If only it weren't for those annoying Orcs who want to deprive us of our hard-won happiness!

  • Have you met the beautiful daughter of Count Markus of Silver Creek? Such a pretty child! They say he has had her brought up as a fine lady at the court of Baroness Vilya!

  • We upright citizens of Ancaria have been cast into a sea of uncertainty, because King Aarnum is wasting away from age and illness… If it were not for Prince Valor, that virtuous and noble fellow, then a DeMordrey would surely ascend the throne… And what that pestilence would mean for our taxes, you already know!

  • Baroness Vilya of Mascarell is said to be engaged in a liaison with Prince Valor. Royal blood flows through her veins too, since she is a distant cousin of the Valorian bloodline. And it is rumored that her grandmother was a Seraphim, whilst other clever-clogs maintain that she was often to be seen with the Elvish people of Tyr-Fasul.

  • The Sakkara cult is a carbuncle on the face of our society! What do people find in such obscure sects? Life is good for us. The crown watches over us and trade is blossoming.

  • It is horrifying how, for a long time now, a great many girls have been abducted and then found murdered. Some claim it's slave hunters posing as thieves, trying to make it look like attacks by gangs of robbers…

But I tell you, there's sure to be more behind it than that!

  • A fine old fairy story was told to me by a soldier from Ahil-Tar. He said he had found two Goblins named Ruka and Anur, who were apparently working for the evil necromancer Shaddar, gathering reagents for him. What a load of drivel. I don't believe for a moment that there really is a Shaddar in some distant tower! It's just a bedtime story of evil magicians and demons to frighten the children!

  • It is a pity that we have effectively left the regions in the east to the Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nur. But anyway, the best whisky in the land comes from Moorbrook and the magicians of the enclave are, after all, citizens of our empire…

  • If you ask me, there should be more Seraphim as paladins of the Crown to protect our freedom and our property against the scoundrel have-nothings. It would be even better still if the King's Field Marshal, Baron DeMordrey would deal with all this banditry. HE knows how to deal with such people!

  • Do you know the legend of the evil Shaddar? There is no better tale to frighten the children with!

  • Do you know why the Seraphim have lost so much of their power? No one seems to know that any more…

  • Armored wolves should be banned. These beasts are a curse from the Dark Elves!

  • Rumor has it that the house of DeMordrey is trying to exploit the King's political weakness. I would not want to live under those despots!

  • If any more troops are sent to the borderlands, there won't be any protection left for the upright and the honest!

  • Have you heard that the family feud in Hedgenton is getting more and more brutal. I recently heard about a poet whose beloved lives there… The poor youth!

  • Those DeMordreys are trying to win ever more influence over the Ancarian aristocratic families by political marriages… And if that doesn't help, they use the sword… Some people even claim they have issued contracts to the Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nar!

  • These wolves are behaving ever more strangely. Their rabid infection seems to have an unnatural origin… as though they had been infected by the Zhurag-Nar beasts…

  • Since the Orcs massacred the inhabitants of Urkuk, many of these hard fighters can be found as mercenaries, marauders, robbers and thieves…

  • If the prince were not bravely opposing the Orc beasts, we would long since have been Orc fodder!

  • Trade has stagnated and everywhere there is talk of war! First those ****** Orcs in the south and now the political tug-of-war over the DeMordreys' power! What is to become of us?

  • If Prince Valor had more backbone, he would square up to the despotism of the DeMordreys! But what do we hear from Their Lordships? War here, war there!

  • War drums are bad for business! But in the taverns, the Moorbrook whisky flows in streams. If the tavern-keepers are not careful, the firewater will soon run out and the black market will flourish again… as it did before, when the DeMordreys' prohibition held the country hostage!

  • The DeMordrey Sharuka-fighters are famous and notorious. But when the time comes to put the Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Elves in their place, then I couldn't wish for anyone better.

  • King Aarnum is losing his grip on power! I have heard traveling folk saying that the council of Barons is considering appointing Baron DeMordrey as Regent if Prince Valor's expedition against the Orcs fails… What intrigues! I don't want to know which of the high houses has been bribed with DeMordrey money!

Campaign rumors (Act II) (EEE)

   * The Baroness of Mascarell, the beautiful Vilya, has declined a proposal of marriage from Baron DeMordrey, since she loves Prince Valor. But the Baron will not forgive her for that!
   * They say Icecreek Pass was blocked by the last thaw. But beware of that area, because even if DeMordrey's Sharukas weren't there, then we would be invaded by bears and giants here.
   * Ever more Goblins, Orcs and still worse things make their way into our land. What do they want here? And I say, since we pay taxes, the army should protect us better!
   * Porto Vallum has a new commander, that Sergeant Treville, who is said to be a close confidant of Prince Valor's. And Valor is the son of King Aarnum, and has a liaison with the Baroness of Mascarell… But I mustn't gossip so!
   * Baron DeMordrey has sent his Sharuka Guard to the north, apparently against those ****** Elves - oh, sorry - because they tried to prevent the felling of the forests at Timberton.
   * Baron DeMordrey's troops have occupied Mascarell and placed Baroness Vilya under house arrest in her palace
   * Prince Valor and his troops have been overcome by Orcs at Wyvern Pass. The land is now in the hands of this extortioner!
   * In the south the Orcs are forging their way into the empire and Mascarell and the heartlands are in the grip of the DeMordreys. So much for 'Land of my Fathers'!
   * King Aarnum released his weak hold on power as he went to his grave and has handed it on to the iron fist of Baron… 'Regent' DeMordrey. The results are tax increases, the decline of the economy and of trade. What will become of the empire now that his minions have taken power?
   * DeMordrey's take-over of power must have been carefully planned well in advance. Rumors are going around in the taverns that he has mighty allies in the east who provide him with military assistance. Recently he has even been using armored wolves - tormented beasts that are trained for battle.
   * If the Baroness honors DeMordrey, then the tax-extorting rat has a legitimate claim to the throne!
   * DeMordrey as Regent is a nightmare! His own barony groans under despotism, censorship and an intolerable tax burden! Someone should stop him! Of course, I never said that…
   * The Fortress of Urkenburgh is said to have been given up by the Valorian troops. But if Prince Valor withdraws, who will protect the border lands against the Orcs? We poor citizens are just the pawns in the chess game played by those who hold the power!
   * The DeMordreys have been trying for years to regain ground by political marriages. And I tell you, that must not be allowed to happen, because we have all known since the time of the Morgasts what that will mean! You don't know? Then read a book if you know how to open such a thing!
   * My father served under King Aarnum in the oasis of Ahil-Tar. He saw some strange things there, because many Orcs and Goblins pay tribute to the dark tower of Shaddar-Nur, where the evil necromancer Shaddar once had his abode. But now the power of Shaddar-Nur seems to be broken. That wicked sorcerer probably took his own life and sped himself to Hell, from whence he had previously come!
   * To Hell with DeMordrey. His henchmen bully and oppress and no one seems able to put a stop to it!
   * The future of Ancaria is uncertain! Everywhere there is talk of war!
   * The people talk of a battle at Wyvern Pass! What can have happened there?
   * DeMordrey's thugs are using armored wolves now! I tell you, those scoundrels have made a bloody pact with the Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nar!
   * DeMordrey's band of ruffians rattle their sabers and the Crown tucks its tail between its legs like a beaten dog! Where are the Seraphim when you need them? The time of those so-called angels is long since over…
   * This Baroness Vilya is a strange person! She has often been seen going about in men's clothing in the forest of Tyr-Fasul… armed with a bow!
   * Baron DeMordrey may be strict, but he is against gladiator fights. It is said that he prefers honest tournaments in which knights contend man against man…
   * Don't you find that Baron DeMordrey is becoming a much better Regent? There are no gladiators, no indecent utterances or practices, pipe tobacco is banned, taxes are sensibly used and justice is very efficiently applied…

Campaign rumors (Act III) (FFF)

  • DeMordrey's Sharuka murderers are said to obey only his orders and even to have defeated the King's soldiers. What a dictator! We are at his mercy without protection and Aarnum's crown is in the hands of a despot!

  • Valorian soldiers from Urkenburgh set up a camp at Wyvern Pass before they moved deeper into the plain of Urkuk. After that, only the ravens and vultures told of their whereabouts.

  • They say the Orcs from the desert are building a new home to the northwest of Timberton…

  • The Orcs of Khorad-Nur are said to have reached the plain of Uirkuk. Terrible! What will become of us now if they flow unhindered into the empire?

  • The tighter Baron DeMordrey pulls the noose the more the people groan. But hope is the last thing to die and so there will be rebels, loyal to Prince Valor who will take up the fight against these rats.

  • The Orcs will not invade us! They are running away from the south because a brood of Undead is driving them that way. Such Undead are hard to defeat. Some claim that with fire and magic in their weapons, they are able to put a stop to these creatures.

  • The dead are rising out of their graves… and I heard an old muddle-headed soldier report that he had seen the Devil himself stamping across the land with fiery footsteps!

  • The rebels are poorly equipped and surely don't have a chance against DeMordrey's Sharuka Guard and his armored wolves. I wonder where DeMordrey got them from. They used to belong to the Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nar.

  • The villages in the south are falling into the hands of the Undead and our Regent DeMordrey is not prepared to send troops there. What will become of all these settlements when death and plague come creeping out of graves and battlefields?

  • DeMordrey's henchmen! The Undead! What horrors have the gods got in store for us still? And the rebels seem to achieve almost nothing.

  • In the taverns you can hear drunkards tell of a flaming terror moving over the land like a dark shadow! And where the demon infects the land with his flaming feet, the dead rise up out of their graves!

  • DeMordrey's hold on the empire is suffocating the citizens! Censorship, torture and tyranny are the order of the day. No one trusts anyone else now and everyone is ready to betray those nearest to them for a few pieces of silver. It all has to be brought to an end! But who is ready to sacrifice their life for freedom?

  • If Baron DeMordrey makes the Baroness Vilya his wife, then the empire will quite legally fall into the hands of the DeMordreys… What a terrible thought!

  • There's a rumor that the usurper DeMordrey is dead. But who is ruling the land? Prince Valor? The Council of Barons? Woe to us if the land descends into civil war.

  • DeMordrey calls himself Regent, but is really only a tax-extorting thief! He wants to be King because he likes the sound of the title, but he will be denied it all if Baroness Vilya does not agree to the marriage! Hah! I say that stuffed shirt should rather marry a fairytale than that noble beauty!

  • The royal troops have fled, hidden, or have been arrested by DeMordrey's Sharuka… or worse! Now Ancaria is cowering under DeMordrey's shadow and we are no longer free people! I would prefer that rat Shaddar. But from what we hear, he is long since dead...

  • It's unbelievable how many Orcs have been seen wandering northwards. Some even report that the Orcish women are 'entertaining' in order to obtain food for their brood. They tell of a demon who blazes a fiery trail through the empire, looking for something. But the footprints of the beast are terrible, because it is said that the dead rise up from them! You can be sure that Shaddar is behind all this and is sending this monster to haunt us!

  • Orcs are fleeing with their women and children into our beautiful empire! Don't you think that these refugees would be better hanged? After all, it's our land, isn't it? The Orcs have their desert and we have Ancaria!

  • A Baron DeMordrey holding power, Elves in the west getting agitated about a few trees, Orcs being driven by a brood of Undead towards the north and Dark Elves who are assembling outside the gates of Braverock! If Prince Valor had not failed, then this would not have happened!

  • Where are the Seraphim when they are needed? Earlier in the days of Aarnum I, they were still powerful paladins! But today their divine power is limited to a few optical illusions and a bit of ridiculous jumping about. I tell you they have given us up and are hiding in their fortified Monastery at Icecreek Pass.

  • Where are the Seraphim when they are needed? At the time of the Wars of the Gods, they served as paladins, but now - Once there were battalions of them who repelled whole armies of demons with their glowing weapons. But now they have nothing more to offer than a bit of lame light magic and some ridiculous hopping around."

  • The Sakkara cult worships a demonic god who has not been seen since the time of the Wars of the Gods! Oh, how I wish that our Lord DeMordrey would call in his inquisitors and turn these madmen over to the flames of justice

  • DeMordrey's battle wolves are ghastly creatures. I saw them tear apart a farmer who refused to pay his taxes. And the people are surprised he has those creatures at all, because they are otherwise only found with the Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nur. But it wouldn't surprise me if our regent had made a demonic pact with those treacherous assassins!

  • The Sakkara cult is said to have started among the sorcerers of Mystdale Castle. The best thing would be to gather all the magicians together and to commit them to the flames of DeMordrey's Inquisitors! That would be a bonfire to see! Why are you looking so angry?

  • The rebellion against the usurper DeMordrey seems to be evaporating into thin air. Apart from a couple of attacks against military targets, the rebels have not achieved much. Pah, I think I prefer the iron fist of DeMordrey - after all, he's right! It's all the fault of the dead King Aarnum and his son Valor, who abandoned us undefended, first to the Orcs and now to the Undead.

  • Undead are inhabiting the desert and now are pushing their way into the empire? You can be sure that Shaddar is behind all this. That necromancer should have been consigned to burning at the stake long ago.

  • DeMordrey or the Undead… which is worse?

  • The Seraphim are useless as paladins. Since the time of the Wars of the Gods, they have not done anything of any use.

  • With a DeMordrey holding power we can expect an edict from the regent banning gladiator fights in the arenas. For a DeMordrey, it would be most considerate to keep the people happy with bread and games…

  • It is said that a brood of the Undead is driving the Orcs into the north! What sort of madness is that? First we have to carry the burden of the DeMordreys and now this…

  • The dead are rising out of their graves! It's the end! Repent!

  • What can anyone do against this plague of the Undead? How can you fight against such madness?

  • What is the cause of this Undead curse? It's sure to be Shaddar-Nur again! For sure this Shaddar has cursed us with a new plague!

  • They say a rebellion is underway? We haven't noticed much of that here! I tell you, the house of Aarnum and of his son Valor is bound for ruin… If DeMordrey plans to possess the Baroness Vilya as well, then…

  • The Guild of Thieves of Braverock is lying low, hiding from DeMordrey's anger. They are said to have allied themselves to the rebels. In the poor quarters, tyranny still holds sway and no one helps the people there. But what do I care about that?

  • The DeMordreys of this world are wicked. Guard against the fangs of that snake!

  • Demordrey's henchmen! The UNDEAD! What horrors have the gods got in store for us still? And the rebels seem to achieve almost nothing."

Campaign rumors (Act IV) (GGG)

  • The Regent has been put to death. The yoke has been torn off our necks. What a beautiful dream, but aren't DeMordrey's minions underway in the land and trying to reach Crow's Rock Castle?

  • No one can say whether Prince Valor is alive or dead! Who is ruling the land? Who is behind all these plotters? The dark disciples of Sakkara sing Illim-Shaddar and make fun of all that is right and honorable.

  • Baroness Vilya has been seen alive. Is the house of Mascarell how ruling since DeMordrey's death?

Or is Prince… King Valor alive?

  • The dark followers of Sakkara are gaining more and more power! It's almost as though that necromancer Shaddar had returned and with him his demons of the underworld

And haven't prisoners of the Orcs reported that the tower of the Evil One, Shaddar-Nur has a new prince? Oh woe to us!

  • A demon was seen, and the dead rose up out of his footsteps. The demon screeched, wailed and bellowed a name that awakens yet more horror than that of DeMordrey… He called for Shaddar!

  • A wise member of the Seraphim once told of the soul that our world is said to have. A heart! What nonsense! And yet, sometimes I have the feeling that this world is lacking a magic something…

  • The people talk nonsense. They say the fortified Monastery at Icecreek Pass was almost destroyed by Ice Giants and Frost Goblins. The banner of the Seraphim supposedly shows a symbol of great magic power! The heart of Ancaria… If you ask me, it's all just empty talk!

  • Apparently, one of the watchmen knows someone who saw how Shaddar came fleeing out of the desert a few months ago, because a flaming demon was after him. Tsk! tsk! Some people dream up the most amazing things! Shaddar, if he was not eaten up by his creatures long ago, is surely hiding out in some place of horror. In Shaddar-Nur!

  • Thank the gods that DeMordrey's reign of terror is finally over. You cannot imagine what a sigh of relief the people are heaving. But who is ruling now? Is it true that Prince Valor has returned? Or is he dead? Do you know the answer?

  • The Sakkara sect is said to have taken over the whole enclave of magicians! If even the magicians cannot withstand them, how are we to do so? These madmen pray to a demon who has thrown open the gates of Hell and released this Undead plague on us! What insanity could conjure up such a horror?

  • People say they have heard Shaddar's voice! That evil creature has returned! Woe to us if that necromancer devil decides to exercise his demonic powers on us!

  • The Master of Shaddar-Nur is said to be living in his dark tower once more. I once heard that he had been eaten by a giant Succur during one of his experiments! That devil! Who can stop him though, if he has escaped even from a demon from Hell?

  • Who is ruling us? DeMordrey? Valor? Vilya of Mascarell? The priests are saying we are lost and we should pray to the gods to forgive us if we are not all to roast in the fires of damnation!

  • Ancaria's crown has been shattered! Valor's death ends the bloodline of the house of Aarnum and only the Baroness Vilya now seems to have a legitimate claim to the throne… Who is ruling us? Who is protecting us? Who will help us?

  • Ancaria is without its Regent! Shaddar has returned from the pit of Hell! What madness is this? Why are the gods punishing us so?

  • What use is Vilya? One Regent is just like the next! I say we should take our destiny into our own hands and barricade ourselves in here against the Undead flood. We must all look after each other!

  • If Shaddar is the leader of the Sakkarta sect as some say he is, then we should think about whether we should also follow this new religion! I mean, it would certainly be safer, don't you think?

  • Shaddar has surely appealed to the beautiful Vilya, because her grandmother was a Seraphim. To be sure he needs the blood of a Seraphim and a queen for his strange rituals… But it hasn't been any different since the time of the Wars of the Gods! Someone should do something and save her!

  • DeMordrey is dead! What a blessing!

  • Prince… King Valor is dead?! We are lost!

  • Shaddar has returned? Ye gods…

  • Shaddar the necromancer, who has been roaming Ancaria's soil for millennia? And who is going to do away with him? I shall pray for you!

  • The Sakkara Demon has released the Undead out of Hell into our empire.

  • The cult of Sakkara serves Shaddar the Wicked? And what has the crown done against that? Pah, if you ask me, Valor has earned his death… I don’t trust in him any more!

  • Dark Priests, Demons, Undead! Ancaria has become an extension of Hell! Our future is uncertain, the crown has been smashed! Now our fortunes rest on Vilya's shoulders alone!

  • **** it! We are being drawn into the forecourts of Hell and what are the Seraphim doing? Nothing! We should burn them at the stake together with all these magicians, Elves and other scoundrels!

  • I don't believe this Shaddar really exists! It's just another conspiracy to extort more taxes from us!

  • Ancaria's empire stands before its ruin! We will all die if Shaddar returns, and this time with the power of the demons at his command!

  • What madness! The gods seem to have abandoned us and it seems to me that the soul of this world is sick… but what am I blathering about?

  • What I need now is a glass of Moorbrook whisky! But not that twelve year-old dishwater! I mean a 'Thirty year-old Silver Dwarf'! After all, I haven't got the slightest idea what's going on here!

The End.