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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

Tips and tricks for effective use of Multi Hit CA


The use of Multi Hit (MH) can be a very effective weapon for a skilled DE and should be considered a must by all Blade Masters. Unlike the typical MH used by other characters in the world of Ancaria the DEs MH has been some what specialised by the Cabal Masters into a very effective killing art. When used in combination with Poison and Leach Life (LL) it can be deadly against large groups of foes of most types.


Apart from the usual effect of striking multiple opponents adjacent to your DE with in a certain radius (determind by CA level and Character level) it also has the special effects of knocking back and stunning your opponents. This can be very useful when dealing with large groups as it will poison and stun most of the monsters allowing your DE time to select opponents, drink potions, cast other CAs and regain some health through LL.

Preperation Tips

This CA is most effective when used in combination with LL and poison but is still useful for low lvl DEs as well.

  • 1: Try to equip your DE with powerful poison based weapons (this can still be used with other damage based weapons but doesnt retrieve LL as effiecently)
  • 2: Socket as many LL Vampire runes as you can find, also note that MH Vamp runes will add to the DEs MH CA. I recomend 12-15% LL as a good level for LL.
  • 3: Keep a careful eye on the regen time, I recomend not letting it get above 3 seconds even at the expense of power.
  • 4: Also look out for armor and jewelry that has Regenerate Special Moves as this will help keep the regen times down.

Combat Tips

This CA is a mob killer when used effectively so use it as such.

  • 1: Select your target carefully, always be aware of the hit radias of the CA (specified in the poppup box when you put your pointer on it). Also remember that your To Hit % is calculated for each opponent that can be hit with this CA so if its low then not all opponents will be hit.
  • 2: As soon as you have used this CA look for opponents that are still next to you, these still pose a threat so attack them immediately in normal combat.
  • 3: If all opponents have been knocked back do not stand still, use this time to check for the weakest opponent and attack him while they are stilll stunned, unless you need this time to drink a potion or activate a Adrenaline or Testosterone CA/Combo.

Edit Addition: there is one exception to the above tip. Always target magic users first.

  • 4: As soon as the rest of the opponents recover and crowd around you again repeat the procces.


As you can see this is a very powerful and useful skill for Blade Master DEs so take the time to master it, it can be a life saver!

I hope you enjoy playing your DEs and have fun all.