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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.


The Forge (good for most versions of Sacred)

It's hard to believe that over a year has gone by since I originally thought of posting this. I'm finally getting around to it. For Pete's sake, if I could only remember what I did with that bottle of Geritol...really, I can't remember the last time I forgot something.

The Forge

Weapons are the stock and trade of a BladeMaster DE. The experienced warrior understands that the key to defeating his opponent is to capitalize upon his weakness. The dual-wielding BladeMaster, dedicated and focused soley upon excellence in melee combat, realizes this goal through the forging and composition of his weapon sets.

The BladeMaster understands that weapon sets are the keys to his awesome power. A weapon set is defined as a pair of weapons wielded together in one weapon slot. The weapons are designed to complement one another and amplify a particular damage type. It is better to focus on one damage type per weapon set than it is to spread the damage thin between multiple forms. In simpler terms, a weapon set devoted to fiery death is more effective overall than a weapon set devoted to a bad case of heartburn, salmonella, and bruises (i.e., fire, poison and physical damage).

The Basics of a Weapon Set

Ideally, the weapons which compose a weapon set should be socketed, permitting magical rings to be strategically deployed to enhance a particular damage type. The more sockets a weapon possesses, the better.

The ideal ring should first inflict damage (the BladeMaster will have little to no need for rings which offer protection values, as he is a pure melee warrior and develops the Armor skill). Secondly, it should offer a bonus to attack or defense (the best ones offer both!). And thirdly, a numerical or percentile bonus to the primary damage type is greatly desired. Thus, a ring which features:

Attack: X X - X (let's assume these numbers are red, indicating fire damage) x - x (a lesser damage amount, often magic damage, or poison) -and either- (Strength, Dexterity, or Physical Regeneration) + X Weapon Damage Fire: + X Fire Damage: + X % ideal. Such a ring is one which a BladeMaster would have a Blacksmith socket into his Fire Weapon Set.

In the beginning, few rings such as this one will be available. As the BladeMaster grows in power and experience, however, he will eventually come across fantastic rings crafted by the wizards of old. These are the ones he treasures and keeps, and uses in the finest weapons he can obtain. Careful choosing and patience in this matter will result in amazing victories on the battlefield. Your foes will perish in multitudes before you, be they draconian monsters or undead horrors!

Fire and Poison

The two damage types the apprentice BladeMaster begins with are fire and poison. Lesser foes rarely sport effective defenses against both damage types: typically, the resistance is against one, but not the other. Orcs, for example, are usually resistant to fire, but have a weakness to poison. The undead are nearly immune to poison, but are vulnerable to fire. The lesser dragons will fall to poisoned blades, and energy beings (ghosts and spectres) wither when exposed to burning swords.

Needless to say, the Dark Elves are masters of poison. Most weapons of Dark Elven manufacture are designed to deliver lethal doses of virulent poison from grooves artfully concealed along the length of the blade. These are the easiest to obtain for the young warrior of the Cabal. More difficult to find are the Dark Elf blades which burn with eldritch fire. It is likely that elven or human weapons will have to be relied upon for the Fire Weapon Sets during the early years.


As the foes of the BladeMaster increase in stature, so do their resistances to various forms of damage. At this time, the warrior might consider adding a Magic Weapon Set to his arsenal. The Poison Trolls which roam the Valley of Zhurag Nar are vulnerable to magic damage, something which should be exploited at every available opportunity. As a Battle Mage employs his spells, so the BladeMaster uses his weapons. Use them wisely, and excel where others fail.

Exotic Bonuses

Regeneration Special Move...critical hit leech capability...those are the keys to surviving even the most grim of battles. The young BladeMaster will add Vampiress runes which feature life leech to his weapon sockets, enabling him to never be concerned with drinking health potions. Later on, rings and weapons themselves will possess this power. The BladeMaster prefers weapons and rings which offer the exotic bonuses above all others. When he finds them, he uses them!

Don't Forget Bling!

The BladeMaster will wear rings on his fingers, much like the ones he sockets in his weapons. He needn't be overly concerned with focusing on one particular damage type in this case...anything which adds additional pain to the miserably short existence of his enemies will suffice. Remember...bonuses to attack and defense, and exotic bonuses, are icing on a BladeMaster's cake. As the old Ancarian proverb advises, "Better to hit than miss...and better to drain life from your foe instead of gulping it down from a potion bottle"... and "You always run out of health potions...but you never run out of foes." Take heed!

Be Creative

Most important of all, be creative. A Blade Master can devote himself soley to the application of poison through his Weapon Sets, and achieve great success. The prior examples are only suggestions. Shall he be brutish, utilizing mental powers to boost the secretion of testosterone from his skin, the catalyst which amplifies the potency of Dark Elven poison? Or will he be more elegant and refined in his approach, relying on weapon craft and strategy to defeat his foes? The sky is the limit!