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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion. promised elsewhere, here are some screenshots of my Dwarven Trader. These are his bonuses. Notice the wickedly high RSM and Weapon Lore bonuses. His Physical Resistance is sweet, and his damage type bonuses are excellent as well.

More to come on other aspects of this character.



Here are his general stats. Also attached are some samples of weapons you can easily build using the Trading skill. These are low-level Gold items - I can only imagine what higher difficulty level equivalents will be like.





Here are screenshots of his current armor pieces. Again, these were all bought at Merchants and slotted with amulets bought from Merchants. I actually prefer these pieces to the set pieces he's been finding. Note: I will admit that Kabelrinte's shoulder armor looks great. That has some potential. I had a minimum level 68 piece drop for him last night. When he can wear it, I'm gonna do it up.

Oh, and I really struggled with wanting to use Thar Eross' Skilled Gauntlets. Those have some awesome life leech! However, all things considered, his Merchant-bought ones are better overall.





To wrap it up, here are the remainder of his armor pieces.




I haven't played him much lately, since I've been fooling around with a Fire/Water BM. I did run him a bit last night, so here's a progress report.

Basically this Dwarf one-hit kills everything, which makes Gold very, very boring. With Dwarven Steel running, one normal attack from his monster physical battle axe kills...even Orc bosses when he scores a critical. Things will change once he hits Niobium, which is great since since I'm working on pumping up his Heavy Blow and Vehemence CAs.

I run him as a Battle Hammer 85% of the time - using the TH axes - and think this is the way to go for a melee Dwarf. I back him up with FT or MG, but the need for that is rare. The ultimate test will be Niobium once I reach it. We shall see.