Sacred:Tharkane's guide to The Dwarven Trader...Part 4

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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

31st - 50th level

Here is where your build is finished. It is not the end for your Dwarven Trader: only the beginning! If you've been running your Trader through the single player game, take all of the lessons you've learned and put your knowledge to use online in multiplayer. Things are different online - especially on the closed internet servers. Why not go "all the way" and create a Hard Core Dwarven Trader? The real challenge is to keep yourself from dying...unlike single player, where all you have to do is reload your last save if you end up kicking the bucket. Or, as an old friend of mine used to say, underground pushing daisies.

How to Deal With the Advanced Foes: Raptors of Shaddar and the Legions of Undead, Trolls, Dragons, etc.

If you're new to the game of Sacred, then 31st - 50th levels and beyond is where you learn how to handle the enemies the game throws at you near the end of your quest. Some important things to remember:

Target Weaknesses in Resistances - Pay attention to the resistance icons of enemies. You'll notice that just about all undead are vulnerable to fire damage. As a Trader, you can build weapons that can inflict gobs of fire damage, making killing the undead a breeze. As a Dwarf, you of course can use the trusty Flame Thrower.

Most undead are also vulnerable to magic damage, except for the following ones: Skeleton Mages, and energy beings like Ghosts, Life Leechers of the Orcus, Fallen Spirits, and so forth. It's best to stick with fire damage when dealing with the undead. Animated Conjurers, nasty ones that will throw bombs at you, are the only ones with any resistance to fire. It's not enough to make much of a difference, so no need to be concerned there.

Fire Trolls and Poison Trolls: Pretty simple here. When you find yourself on the Fire Plateau, whip out a weapon that inflicts lots of poison damage. The Fire Trolls are vulnerable to poison, and also to magic damage. The Poison Trolls roam the Valley of Zhurag-Nar. Against them, use fire.

Dragons: unless you have the Entrench CA developed and ready to use, never stand directly in front of a dragon. It is best to run directly on them - within their "footprint," or circle - and whack away using a poison weapon with War Cry and Dwarven Steel running. They can't breathe on you when you hug 'em. If you're a Trader Gun Dwarf, get close, use Dwarven Armor, and keep Entrench constantly running. Fire away safe behind your buffs. Entrench is very powerful.

50th level skill pick: Your choice.