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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

(Posted and translated by TherionX)


So now, I'm going to translate a Guide by a Buddy. This is written quite strangely, I'll post a simple Fact Guide after the Story.

[color=red]The Fist of the Gods - Guide[/color]

I am Dolios, the Gladiator and I'm going to tell you my exciting Story.

Unfortunately, I've got some Gaps in my Memories, but I'll simply begin with the Day, when I stood lonely, sparely dressed and equipped with a little War Hammer on a little Island.. When I was looking around, I saw a Trader, a Smith and a Rune Master. But what should I do without Gold? My Couriosity was tingling me and so, led by my Mentor's Eyes and Hand, I went through a Portal and started to explore the Spot. Suddenly, there were some Scoundrels, that wanted to harm me. So I just swung my Hammer and picked up everything they dropped. Then, the Voice of my Mentor came to me: "Dolios, don't you want to beat such Scoundrels easier?" Of Course I wanted, I had to be a strong Gladiator after all, who hasn't to fear anything.

And so I was taught three Skills: First was called Weapon Lore, to do more Damage to my Enemies. Second was called Amour, good for reducing Damage I get and Healing Potions I'd need. And the third Skill was called Concentration, I need it to do Special Moves, I would learn later, more often.

After further Exploring and lots of Goblins, I finally could learn my first Combat Arts with Help of some worthwhile Runes. But which One should I learn? I heard from other Gladiators, that some proverbial fight with Hopping around. Others use Kombinations of fast Attackings. So how did I want to Fight in Future? I wanted to be unique, I wanted to be like Nobody else. So I quickly went to a Rune Master and took a Look at his Offers. I decided fast and was taught the Arts of Stomping Jump and Fist of the Gods. Stomping Jump is wonderful, because passing a River is no Problem anymore and I can start Surprise Attacks from Distance as well. And when the Scouts are dazed, the mighty Fist of the Gods should take its Part. From now on, it was easy beeing the Master of Goblins and Thieves.

I found better Amours and Weapons every Once in a While, so I hopped though the Lands and bashed my Enemies with the Fist of the Gods. I kept on training on and, led by the Hand of my Mentor, I learned two more Skills:

The fourth was called Axe Lore and improved my Handling with Axes. The fifth should make me more agile, it was Agility.

Well, I had to decide, which Skills I wanted to intense and I decided for Weapon Lore and Concentration. But after a While, my Enemies became too weak for me and I had to look for stronger Ones. After coming to a new Difficulty, I also should learn Concstitution, to increase my Health. My Mentor said, I had to learn another Combat Art, called Heroic Courage, which should raise my Attack and Defence Ratings. It was a very useful Combat Art, and because of that, I built it up a lot. But now, you may ask, what was with my Main Combat Art - Fist of the Gods? I never had to intense this Combat Art very much and trusted into Equipment, that shall support it. And now I was strong enough to fight without Stomping Jump.

After a While, I realized, that I didn't care about my Skilles for a long Time. I could improve my newly learned Skills, but my Mentor just advised me to keep on improving Weapon Lore and Concentration. But why? I even learned the Art of Parrying in the Meantime. But it shall be cleared soon. From Time to Time I saw other Warriors, wearing shiny and glorious Amours. Somehow sad I looked at my old and dirty Clothes, my outworn Weapon and my dented Shield. Why shouldn't I wear such gorgeous Armours and first of all: Which should One I use?

First, I used to think about Raane's Set, because with that I wouldn't need to care about Heroic Courage anymore. And when someone gave me this Set, I was the luckiest Gladiator in the World, because i finally could use this Set's Advantages. But what was this? More and more Gladiator's started to use this Set as well, and I wanted to be unique! Then I learned to know Dalmar's Eyes of Wonder! I got the mighty two-handed Axe from this Set adn immediately started to use it. What a Feeling! I decided to do its Effectivity and started to look for the Rest of this Set. After a While I noticed a special Feature of this Axe: I got a lot more Gold from my Enemies. And now I realised, why I hadn't improve my Skills. To use tat much Gold rightfully, I was taught to Trade, what I had to learn to the Maximum. After that, I could intense Constitution and my other Skills

So this was my Story so far. Meanwhile, the Search for Dalmar's Set was successful and I reached Platin with my Fight Style.

Thanks to Heikkinen, the +[HoPE]+ Clan and all, who supported me ingame.

And for those, who are somewhat unsure after this Story.. here's a little Fact Guide.

Skills & Attributes:

Weapon Lore (for Weapon Damage) -> 100, expierienced Players choose it and get the Rest per Boni

Armour (for Resistances) -> 120 max.

Concentration (Special Move Regeneration) -> ~140

Axe Lore (for Attack Speed and Attack Rating whit Axes) -> 20 max. You'll get quite a lot from Dalmar's Set

Agility (for some Attack and Defence) -> ~100

Constitution (for Life and its Regeneration) -> ~100

Parry (for more Defene) -> ~100

Trade (for better Items at shops) -> always try to keep at max. Also try to get it up to 255 as soon as possible.

At every Level-Up put your Point into physical Regeneration, for some Life and Regeneration of your Special Moves.

Combat Arts

Fist of the Gods

For simple Killing, it's enough to read here every Once in a While. The Damage Boost is freakishly Huge, that you dont need to keep it as high as possible.

Heroic Courage

Puch this primarily, because FotG doesn't raise your Attack Rating. So yu got to be sure, that you'll hit your Enemies.

Stomping Jump

This is a good Supporter at the Beginning and you CA to pass Rivers or something. The first Read Rune should be enough.

Equipment & Jewlery

We use Dalmar's Eye of Wonder complete.

And for Rings and Amulets, look for following Boni: Life Leech! As Dalmar doesn't give anything to it, this is the most important.. at least at the Beginning. RSM, x to all CAs, Crit, Split (if you want)


Cast Heroic Courage and look for your Enemies. Simply got to them and Bash them to the Skies


I'm sorry for this very rough Fact Guide.. to be honest, I still didn't Play this Gladiator. So I just can guess the (to me) most logical Things n Facts.

This Guide was done by forumjoe, Member of the german +[HoPE]+ Clan