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vehemence.png Only works with two-handed weapons. The target takes severe damage. Surrounding opponents may also be partially wounded. This combat move damages a number of opponents in an area directly in front of the Dwarf. It can only be employed using a two-handed weapon, such as a battle axe. While similar in concept to the Gladiator's devastating Fist of the Gods, the damage is calculated differently. The primary target receives full damage. Other adjacent targets in a wide cone directly in front of the Dwarf receive a lesser amount of damage in a splash-effect. It is important to note that the while lesser in some respects to Fist of the Gods, there is virtually no "wind up time" involved, making this move a very effective crowd-killer since it can be used more swiftly. During the time it takes the Gladiator to charge up his fist to deliver his earth-shaking blow, the Dwarf can smack a crowd multiple times!

Usage Strategies

Vehemence functions like the Gladiator's Fist of the Gods, but without the "wind up", so you can deal damage more quickly. The Dwarf performs a short jump & brings his two-handed weapon down on the target, damaging it & monsters adjacent to it.

Pros and Cons


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Stats Chart

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