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As a character progresses through levels, in addition to increasing points in Skills and Attributes, the ability to quickly switch from one equipped weapon to another, or to any one of several, is made available. Across the lower left of the display appear up to five Weapon Slots, numbered 1-5, each of which may contain either a 2-handed weapon, a 1-handed weapon and a shield, or, for dual wielding characters, two single-handed weapons.

Merely by pressing the keys 1-5, weapons may very quickly be exchanged, as combat needs arise. The choice of available weapons is limited by your characters need and imagination, and is dictated solely by your needs – be it damage type, attack speed or perhaps combat, combat art or spell enhancement, movement speed, farsight, increasing drops; almost any element in the game can be enhanced this way, limited only by imagination and need.

Example of a melee Battle Mage setup: