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Published at DarkMatters for review and discussion

X-Bow Gladiator


lvl.1 Weapon Lore - much as you can put

lvl.1 Concentration - Only when you need to lower your regen times like in the beginning. Around 20-40 max anyways.

lvl.3 Ranged Combat - 10 points, that's it..

lvl.6 Constitution - Around half of your level or more if got spare points to use

lvl.12 Agility - 1/2 or 1/3 of your level

lvl. 20 Armor - 1/3 of your level

lvl. 30 Parrying - 1/3 or 1/4 of your level

lvl. 50 Trading - Maxed

Attributes Strength, because it will boost your damage more and you really don't need anything else.

Combat arts

Multi-hit, your main attack. When you get if on decent level, you get several arrows per shot and best part is that those arrows tries to seek into were ever neares foes are in that direction. You can read tons of MH (Multi-hit) runes whitout seen any difference on regen time if you got enought Regeneration Special Move on your gear. It's better to keep regen time around 0,5s or lower so you can blast it over and over again whitout any waiting time.

Heroic Courage, Optional. Gives nice boost to Attack rating and Defence rating, but you really don't need it to survive, so don't read too many runes. Multi-hit provides anyways enought Attack rating and you hardly ever let foes come near you, so you won't need the extra defense either. Still good to have against bigger foes.

Dagger Stare, just for fun. It provides nices small damage and hits allways on foes. On later levels you will be able to kill things faster than Dagger Stare can even reach them.

Good to have gear Full Egill's Vehemence set, which is the backbone of this build. It provides huge poison damage and piercing effect makes it really powerfull.

Optional set would be full Ettol'Rahc-Notwen's Breeze, because of it's last bonus which will make it even more powerfull weapon than Egill's is. But it's slower and only normal bow that is better than X-bows in damage numbers. And this builds name is X-bow gladiator so better stick whit that or switch to make it bit more interesting and different.

Unique called Lonidra's Enlightened Belt of Might, which provides lot of boost to Multi-hit and has three sockets.

Different parts of very various sets.. such as Dalmar's Eye of Wonder, Lorgar's Healer, Raane's Audacity and Andiell's Malevolence. Lorgars provides lot of poison damage, dalmars provides physical damage and magic find, Andiels provides life leech and critical hit and Raanes for + all combat arts, life leech and magic find

Usefull mods on items Far Sight, because it allows you see foes way before they can be seen on the screen. This way you can kill them before they even can see you, by using forced fire to that direction where you see foes.

Chance to land a critical hit for even more damage

Some Split just for extra experience

Regeneration Special Move which keeps your multi-hits regen time low.

Chance of finding special items for better goodies..

Combat Tactics When you get your Multi-Hit high level enought (4-5 arrows), you can start doing this: run around and look from mini map where you can see a mob. Use Forced fire (Ctrl + Right mouse button) and shoot into that direction using Multi-hit. Some arrows automaticly hits to your targets even before you can see them on screen. Also you can run around and kill several single foes just by shooting one of them, other arrows will go to other foes that are somewhere around.

When you reach a certain point, you'll be doing so much damage that you'll do great anywhere you like. You can kill mobs of foes before you can even see them on the screen.

Small demonstartion movie. First 30s is using full Ettol's set and Last 30s is using full Egill's set.