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The wiki needs your help, and as stated, with the help of many, many people all doing small contributions a day, its use as a great database grows and gets better. So you're looking for ways to help? Here's how.

1) Set Item Templates: Set Item templates are all there and just need filling in. If you have a particular set item, it's just a matter of picking out the specific data that the template asks for and fitting it into the template.

2) Combat Arts Pictures: If you're more the paparazzi type and find the camera more your thing, look for specific Combat Arts descriptions that need a picture. Examples of this would be a page which so far has no pictures added to it yet, and could use some help. If you see a Combat Arts pic that you think could be framed and/or you've got in mind a better one that better "shows" that Combat Art in all its glory... go for it.

3) Combat Arts Descriptions: Ayup... the manual has a few lines... but personal insight and comparisons of one Combat Art to others, for example, gives readers that extra content they crave. As well... monsters that particular CA's are good against, chosen areas, and tricks regarding great regens are always interesting for everyone to read up on.

4) Character Descriptions: Yes, we know the manual has a few lines, but... c'mon... this is a wiki... with you here! Surely there are more things that can be added to the Descriptions which will give them that extra special touch? Frosty has done a great contribution with the Vampire description... check it out to get some ideas on how you can flesh out your very own contribution to this wiki and make your mark forever.

5) Unique Items: All pics now done, we're looking for insight into each unique item... templates are already there, so if you've got hints or pros/cons types of hints, please edit them in and let others learn from your wisdom.

6) Attributes: This is a page that has had some work done on it, but some tabling of the attributes could do some good here... anyone game?

All this and much more... contribute today and win yourself a hug!