Sacred 2:A guide to the little melee bosskilling dryad - Duel Wield dryad in action

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A guide to the little melee bosskilling dryad - Duel Wield dryad in action

By ololcat


Hello to all good players! People asked me to specify my Dryad bosskiller build, so here it is, enjoy!

She was designed for SP in Sacred 2: Ice & Blood, version 2.65.1 and played in HC mode. She's using niob bargainers' and niob smither's support as well as support from my good friends that provided her with such cool equipment. I had a goal to push %LL over 10% and see what will happen, but I'm too lazy and stopped at 9.1%.

Okay, enough talking, to the point. This dryad is a melee fighter, so she has to have a tough defense (a little bit of "tanking power"), good damage and quick attacks. She's using powers of all three aspects available to her.

Video Preview


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Strength - one point per level. This will provide some extra attack value and slightly increase damage.
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Stamina - nothing. She really doesn't need this since regen times never were a problem.
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Vitality - one point per level from level 50. Slightly boosts survivability.
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Dexterity - nothing. She will have enough "defense" to additionally boost it.
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Intelligence - nothing. This dryad is a melee fighter.
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Willpower - nothing. Her GGT will add a bonus to this attribute.

Attribute allocation from level 150 is your concern. If you played her to this point, you know better what will be good for her.


Level 2 - tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore will improve damage she dealing with her weapons, give a bonus to crit chance and give mod points for Capricious Hunter aspect's CAs.
Priority to master: 1 //This means that you should have 75 hard points by level 75.

Level 3 - capricioushunterfocus.gif Capricious Hunter Focus will shrink CH CAs' regen times, allow higher CA levels and provide mod points.
Priority to master: 6.

Level 5 - dualwield.gif Dual Wield will grant her ability to fight using two weapons, will improve attack value and give sweet double-hit bonus when mastered.
Priority to master: 4.

Level 5 alternate choice* - polearms.gif Pole Arms will improve attack rating, speed and give chance for double-hit once mastered.
Priority to master: 4.

Level 8 - spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance will save her life couple o' times. 5 points here ASAP to unlock AL and Con.
Priority to master: 3.

Level 12 - armorlore.gif Armor Lore will improve her resistances and lower regen penalty from armor.
Priority to master: 2.

Level 18 - concentration.gif Concentration will lower CAs' regen times and allow wearing two and three, when mastered, buffs.
Priority to master: 1.

Level 25 - natureweaverfocus.gif Nature Weaver Focus will allow more levels for this aspect's CAs, lower regen times and provide mod points.
Priority to master: 5.

Level 35 - constitution.gif Constitution will just let her survive.
Priority to master: 1.

Level 50 - natureweaverlore.gif Nature Weaver Lore will give mod points for NW aspect CAs and improve AB (hp regen and phy/poison resistance bonuses) and GGT.
Priority to master: 6.

Level 65 - cabalisticvoodoofocus.gif Cabalistic Voodoo Focus will allow more levels into Moribund Animus buff. I advise you to put there 8 points to level 75 to have a strong pet when Conc is mastered.
Priority to master: 6.

After you achieved mastery in all these skills, you *probably* already know what to do with rest of them. I would pump them into Nature Weaver Focus for couple levels into Ancient Bark.

*Pole Arms as an alternate choice: If you have a "bargainers network", you can try your luck and shop something like this:

Of course, pole arms dryad's attack (and killing) speed won't be that high, but still she will rock.
Picking Pole Arms instead of DW was not tested by me, but it should work good too.

Combat Arts

Capricious Hunter Aspect

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_41.gif Sinister Predator, when unmodded have no use for melee fighter, so you'll have to mod it first in a special way:
1. Eagle Eye provides a nice crit chance.
2. Marked Shot gives cool "Chance that opponents can not evade" bonus.
3. Hunting Focus. Other mod is useless for this dryad.

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_11.gif Ravaged Impact is our main mob killer. Against bosses I use it only to start fight, because of it's execution time's strange jumps: it goes up, then when you pick up new weapons (without attack speed penalty) it may drop. However, to use it against mobs effectively, we have to mod it second this way:
1. Your call, I chose Envenom.
2. Breach gives nice chance to disregard armor. Other mod is useless for us though.
3. Blast makes RI great Area of Effect attack.

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_39.gif Dust Devil was in use at early game. I modded it "just in case" this way third:
1. Recondition lowers regen (or cooldown) time.
2. Spell Shield provides much-needed sometimes "Chance for block: CAs" bonus.
3. Spread increases it's area of effect.

Cabalistic Voodoo Aspect

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_115.gif Moribund Animus is the only CA from this aspect we will use. It provides a nice support that will help you with normal mobs. To have strong summon, you should take these mods:
1. Malice boosts it's damage.
2. Elevation boosts it's level.
3. Fury increases it's attack speed.

Nature Weaver Aspect

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_180.gif Ancient Bark is our main protection. Mod it ASAP:
1. Rugged gives a wicked resistance boost.
2. Divert gives good close combat reflection bonus.
3. Invigorate improves survivability.

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_149.gif Goldenglade Touch has been used when I rushed through the campaigns. It gives nice hp regen bonus as well as boost to Willpower, when modded:
1. Flow boosts hp regen even more.
2. Persevere. Bonus to Willpower.
3. Diligence to increase duration.

Some words about regen times and rune eating and all that stuff:
Try to balance between short regen time for RI (I found that 1.3 sec is enough, the rest goes to RpH) and powerful buffs (especially Ancient Bark). Try to make GGT and DD chain-castable. When your regen times are good enough, you can pump 200 runes into buffs (like I did) or make some buff suits or these two things together.


Armor: full Detheya set.

Weapons: Double Kal'durs or something with chance to disregard armor (Zepetl's Shortsword maybe?).

Jewelry in slots: Two Artamark's Stars, one RpH ring and two rings with modifiers listed below.

Shrunken Head: best one is rare (yellow) insect's head. 'specially if it has a deathblow bonus.

Modifiers, you're looking for:
All skills +X;
All CAs +X;
Chance that opponent can not evade +X%;
Deathblow (optional);
Chance for block: CAs +X% (you'll need at least 20%);
Opponent's chance to evade -X%;

And I have at least 4 Anneals forged by level 200 niob smither.

Gameplay and tips

It is *default* melee character, so take your weapons and cut your way through enemies' hordes! Use GGT and DD in emergency situations, have some Reds in your backpack and everything is gonna be fine.

  • Try to stay away from fire damage and Dragon Realm for a while (you can have your revenge later, at niob).
  • High attack speed is your best friend.
  • Don't go to Cursed Forest unless you have Spell Resistance mastered.
  • Chance for double-hit is another good friend of yours.
  • Watch out for LL 1-hit kill bug!
  • It was not tested on some bosses (Sinister Prince, for example).
  • She requires support from smither and bargainers as well as from magic find characters.

Laser Show time

Приятной игры! :)

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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