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Note: This page is about the band. Information for the Blind Guardian weapon or the Blind Guardian Quest can be found on their respective pages.

Blind Guardian is a German metal band that Ascaron hired to pen the theme music for Sacred 2.


Locate Blind Guardian (the band) on the Ancaria Interactive Map



When Ascaron put Easter Eggs in Sacred 2, they went all out. They not only had Blind Guardian write and play the theme music, but they integrated the band into the game itself. Following the conclusion of their quest, the player is treated to an in-game rock concert featuring Blind Guardian playing the theme song for hundreds of screaming fans...

This concert, by far is THE single most epic in-game rock concert. EVAR!

"Blind Guardian Comes to Ancaria" Documentary

Part 1
Part 2

Blind Guardian Motion Capture Session

Blind Guardian Concept Art

Band and Equipment Renders