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Page Name you want to link toAdds a chance to block ranged attacks used against a player

Bonuses from different sources have diminishing returns.

The block is calculated before reflection, blocked damage cannot be reflected when reaching the chance to block 100% (only possible for CloseCombat). For example High Elf, often casting the Expulse magic circle on yourself, eventually gaining the chance block combat skills are close to 100%, and "crystal skin" buff ceases to reflect spells, as all they have previously blocked. This fact is in no way belittle reflection, however, is the understanding of the fact that at achieving the chance to block 100% chance of reflection makes no sense, because this chance simply doesn't work.

Successfully blocking or reflecting a close combat or ranged combat attack negates all detrimental effects and negative effects like stun/disarm/seriously wounds, that could have been caused by this attack.