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Chain quests are multi-part quests which must be done in a specific order. These different parts form a chain of single quests that have to be completed one after another to reach the final mission goal. Chain quests may take place in a single chapter, or (such as the Blue Chain quests) may span two or more chapters. Chain quests may contain any number of single quests; thus you can have a two-part chain quest like Pesky Pirates, or the large fifteen-part chain quest The Undead Legion. Because chain quests are, essentially, a series of single quests, all or part of a chain may depend on a character's alignment to either the light or shadow campaigns.

Common Chain Quests

This is a list of chain quests in Sacred 2 Fallen Angel that are exactly the same no matter what alignment or class a character has.

Chapter 1

Can Christmas Still be Saved

Captain Bloodtongue

Commander Lothar

Days Gone By

Easter Eggs

Haunted Mine

Hunting Highwaymen

In the Hands of Kobolds

Judriel and Romdreal


Pesky Pirates

Protection Money

The Alchemist

The Brigand Camp

The Hunter Camp

The Undead Legion

Threat from Beyond

Threatened Vinery

Chapter 2

A New Hope

Adventures In The Forest

An Awkward Situation

By Order Of The Crown

Club Of The High Spirits

Ephrahim's Nightmare

Ferryman Charolus

Fisher Gisbert

Frightened Guard

Greedy Scoundrels

Honesty Pays

Illegal Gambling

Lost Thoughts


Northland Expedition (Haenir boss)

Order To Hold The Fort

Outpost Wrathhill

The Banished Man

The Barimak Plot

The Dark Cult

The Ghost Village (Evocator boss)

The Unholy Crusade

Chapter 3

7 Days of Rainy Weather

The Fat Rat

The Legend of Gronkor

Chapter 4


The Arena Above the Clouds

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

A Letter Home

A Picnic in the Swamps


Hassl'toh The Shaman


Hydra Tongues

Out of the Test Tube

Skin Complaints

Studying the Past

Studying the Past - Part Two

The Bloodthirsty Mercenaries

The Oracle

Too Many Parties

Chapter 7

Attack is the Best Defense


Bottle Fights

Dirty Deal

Exquisite Long Drinks

Find El Leigh

Rose of Oblivion

Soldiers from the Past

Talent vs Elixirs

The Lost Caravan

The Poltergeists

Chapter 8

Keeper of the Jungle

Chapter 9

Bloody Rituals

Elixir of Visions


Search for a New Home

The Ancestors Chambers

The Metamorphosis

Voodoo Dolls

Chapter 10

No Chain Quests

Path Specific Chain Quests

This is a list of chain quests where character alignment affects either the whole or part of the single quests in the chain. They are listed below depending on whether they are 'All Light' (character must be light aligned to do any of the chain), 'Mixed' (some of the single quests in the chain are different depending on whether your character is light or shadow aligned), or 'All Shadow' (character must be shadow aligned to do any of the chain).

All Light

Chapter 1

A Long Journey

Protecting Noriath's Corner


The Shadows of the Seraphim

The Slave-driver

Chapter 2

Mine Slaves

Chapter 3

Master of the Hunt

Nargutz Derby


Chapter 1

Eye Into the Sky

Heir by Murder


Chapter 2

Thread Rush

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The Dragon Cult

The Third Sacrifice

All Shadow

Chapter 1

Bad Mood

Fresh Gladiators

Help for Lawaon

Powers in Noriath's Corner

Serving the Inquisition


The Advisor's Career Plans

Chapter 2

Mine Workers

Chapter 3

Lukewarm Swill with Lumps

Slimy Gobs and Goo

Master of the Hunt - Shadow

Nargutz Derby - Shadow

Blue Chain Quest Lines

A blue chain quest line is a group of quests specific to each character class which take place across the entire campaign, whether light or shadow. Blue chain quest lines, like any class-specific quest, are denoted on the tab and world maps by blue markers on the map. On screen the ? and ! marks are in a colour specific to the character class, Light Blue for Seraphim, Yellow for Shadow Warrior and Dragon Mage, Light Green for Dryad, Dark Green for Temple Guardian, Dark Blue for High Elf and Red for Inquisitor.

(Note that when in Multiplayer, you'll see additional marks for quests that are not for your class. However, despite being able to see them, you can't complete those not for your class)

Dryad Blue Chain Quests High Elf Blue Chain Quest
Inquisitor Blue Chain Quest Seraphim Blue Chain Quest
Shadow Warrior Blue Chain Quest Temple Guardian Blue Chain Quest
Dragon Mage Blue Chain Quest