Sacred 2:Changing Weapon Models (model exchange)

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This mod changes the look of a weapon by exchanging its model for that of another weapon of preferably the same type, as it might look strange if you were to exchange the model of a melee weapon for that of a ranged weapon (but it is possible).

Always remember to backup any files that you change.

The model files that will be worked with are located in the pak\\models\weapons directory located in the Sacred 2 installation directory.

The first step is to locate the model that you want to change. This can be done by using Granny viewer to view the model files. Now say you have found the model want to change:


Note the name and the file structure under which the model is saved, in the case of the model shown above it is: [code]\pak\\models\weapons\1h\l_saebel-a1.GR2[/code]

Next you need to find a model that you want to use instead of the one you found above. This is done in the same way as finding the previous model. Say you want to use this model:


Now extract this model file from the archive to a temporary directory and change the name to that of the model that you wish to replace, in this case it is: [code]l_saebel-a1.GR2[/code] After changing the name of the model paste it into the pak directory in the Sacred 2 installation directory under the same directory tree as the model you want to exchange is. In this case it should be under: [code]\pak\models\weapons\1h[/code]

If you've done everything right the model should be exchanged correctly.

Any issues or queries can be discussed in the DarkMatters Modding forum.