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Community Patch Uniques


  • Prior to CM Patch 1.50, the number of CM unique items was very small. CM 1.50 integrated a large modding project called the Community Items Mod, in which many community members contributed ideas and designs for new items of all kinds. A number of these items were already present in the game files but were inactive, incomplete, or otherwise unavailable to the player. Part of the motivation of the Community Items Mod was to reactivate these items and make them available. Also, in the fun spirit of the Sacred franchise and the Community Patch, there are also a number of items that can be considered "Easter Eggs." These items may be inspired by or even be recreations of items from other games, movies, literature or mythology. Great care was taken so as to make sure all of these new items were useful and well-balanced and that they did not clash greatly with the milieu and aesthetics of Sacred 2. In a few instances where the items were direct recreations from other franchises, the models were changed upon integration into the CM Patch to more "Ancarian" designs. The original intended designs can still be restored by installing the current Community Items Mod on top of the CM Patch.

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