Sacred 2:Cursed Forest

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A long time ago, a battle raged between the armies of two mages. The magical energy released when the armies met turned this area into an eternal battleground. The undead troops of both armies are cursed to fight each other until the end of time.

One day during a foray, the Garema must have encountered the fighting troops in this area and killed some of the undead. That's how they got the weapons. Since Garema love nothing better than weapons they went deeper into this region. A grave mistake as it turned out! The Garema blood that was spilled expanded the borders of the battleground and now the battle threatens to spill over from this remote valley into the rest of the continent.

Unless the souls of the battling arch mages are destroyed, the danger to the rest of the world remains!


Abishai Stronghold


Burned Homes

Dead Tree

a derelict manor

Destroyed Village

Diaanja's Retreat

Field of Eternal Pain

Field of a Thousand Screams

Forest Border

Halko's Manor

Halko's Old Manor

Khormynth's Refuge

Last Stand

Lost Crypt

Mishirla's Camp

Mishirla's Prison


Remote Hunting Lodge

Small Outpost

Sticklewort Patch


The Invisible Labyrinth

Red River

Tomb of Many

Vein Lake

Village Ruins

Zombie Camp

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