Sacred 2:Displaced

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

You will find Sistan northwest of the Monolith in the far north of the Bengaresh Desert. He tells that they were thrown out of El-Darrag. Their supplies are running low, and they will die soon from the elements or the natives. He wants you to escort them home.


Take the High Elves home.

Please help us! We've been cast out of El-Darrag and now we’re stuck at this ruin. Our supplies are slowly running out. If we don't get help soon either our thirst or the Desert Folk will kill us. Please take us home. It's a very long way...


They want to go back to Teardrop Hamlet.


We've arrived.


Once there, talk to Sistan again.


You’ve saved us! We’ll never forget this. Thank you, and may the Gods watch over you!


This quest is complete.

Hirelings and Escorts

  • Sistan - Escort. Immortal. Tries to escape the fight.
  • Grata - Escort. Immortal. Tries to escape the fight.
  • Despaira - Escort. Immortal. Tries to escape the fight.

Logbook Entry


  • If you have activated the Teardrop Hamlet Portal, just teleport there and this quest will be finished almost immediately.