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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.


Esu Icon.png The First Sorceress (Shadow Path)

Esu was the progenitor of the ancient clan of the reclusive Zann Esu Sorceresses, masters of elemental magic.

Divine Gift

Esu's teachings allow the hero to supercharge ions in the surrounding air, resulting in bursts of electrical energy discharge. These missiles heal allies but chase down opponents and shock them to the core.

Her book

There is an in-game book that describes the legends and beliefs about Esu. The book is entitled Lore of the Nephalem, Book 2: Esu - the First Sorceress.


  • Statues of Esu can be found all over Ancaria. Praying near them helps the characters to partially regenerate her Divine Gift - Charged Bolt.

Her Followers

Esu is held in special esteem by the inhabitants of the Bengaresh Desert, as many of her descendants settled in that region. They continue to respect her legacy of vaunting the intellect's supremacy over the physical world. Every tribe follows their own interpretation of their faith in Esu. During large gatherings this can lead to heated theological debates, but these rarely turn violent.

God Quests

There are several quests in game that are dedicated to the player character's chosen Deity. The ones dedicated to Esu are:


  • Esu can be chosen by all the characters except for the Paladin, who cannot choose Shadow Path gods.
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