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Knowing where files are located is also important, as it can reduce the time that is spent searching for files that you wish to edit.

Graphics Files

Graphics files are all located in the pak directory in the Sacred install directory, this is usually something like C:\Program Files\Deep Silver\Sacred2 Ice and Blood\ . In the pak directory the different graphics files are then split up into different archives.

  • Model files – The model files for Sacred 2 are in the archive. In the archive the models are divided into different sub-directories, depending on the type of model.
  • Map files – The map file are split into different archives depending on the quality. Medium quality files are in the archive and low quality files are in the files. The files are then spit into sub-directories, where the directory structure is the same as that of the models sub-directories.
  • Other image files – The TGA files are located in the archive and are also divided into sub-directories depending on the function of the file

Functional Files

The scripts for Sacred 2 are located in the scripts directory in the Sacred 2 installation directory. This is then split into different sub-directories depending on the function of the script.