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Graphics Files

A crucial part of modding files is to understand the what files you are actually working with. This is important as you need to know which files to modify in order to obtain a desired results. Some of the most important files types for visual mods are given below.

  • Model files – These are the most important file in any 3D game as they make all the landscapes, characters, monsters, etc. In Sacred 2 These files in GR2 format. This is the format for Granny 3D from Rad game tools, that was used as part of the game development.
  • Map files – These are not to be confused with map as in the map you use in the game to find your way, but of UV maps. Where the models are represents the 3D objects of the game world, the map files give each of the objects a distinctive look, like the skins of characters and monsters, the colour of armour and armour. There are also special map file that control the normals and spectral properties of the 3D objects, and this determines the way and intensity in which light is reflected from the object, thus giving the illusion that a object has a certain texture. In Sacred 2 the map files are DDS format which is a DirectDraw Surface file from Microsoft. These files are made by designing it over an unwrapped 2D version of a 3D model, the model is then re-wrapped together with the map file, to result in the file object.
  • Other image files – Sacred 2 also use TGA format image files for the user interface (the heads up display in the game). As with the map files these images also have additions special images to control the normals.

In the image below a 3D object is shown with just a texture applied (left), and the same object with the same object but with the addition of a normal map to give the illusion of depth (right).


The image below shows a 3D model with different spectral values, the left has a higher value resulting in a glossy look, whereas the right has a lower value resulting in a matt look.


Functional Files

In addition Sacred 2 also has script files that can be edited, where certain game functionality can be edited through text strings. These scripts can in some cases be used to change visual aspects of Sacred 2, but in most cases they are use to change the game mechanics, this includes drop rates, experience gained, spawning, etc. The scripts are in basic text (.txt) format.