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In Garghadok's Destiny you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




Garghadok's Destiny is a digging site near the north-east mountains of Tyr Lysia. The excavations have been made by Thylysium scientists since long ago, but nothing really relevant was ever found, so nowadays few scientists are seen here.

There are underground mines that extend far east to the Bluestone Lake, below the mountains, from where most of the minerals needed by Tyr Lysia are extracted. The mineral extraction has concentrated most of the activity here during last years.

This digging site is located between the entrances to the Abandoned Mine.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

Side Quests


Garghadok's Destiny can be reached by walking east from the Clearview town portal.

Also the Teardrop Hamlet portal could be used, despite it's a bit further; from it walk north until the digging site is found.


The only enemies that can be found in Garghadok's Destiny are rodents and Jade Buccanneer Pirates.

In the nearby forests some undead (auxillars and legionnaires), as well as wild animals (boars, spiders, rodents), like most of the east Tyr Lysia region.

If a player is doing "If the Reputation is Down the Gutter..." quest, they will find the quest enemies Jorge and some Mangy Villagers along with a Mangy Female Villager.

Interesting Photos

Digging site view
Digging site view
Digging site view
Underground mine entrance
Inside the underground mine
A village next the digging site


  • Tip: The merchant can be found south from Garghadok's Destiny, a bit far from it (see location map)
  • Tip: The Ascaron employee, Lars Hammer can be found by walking south, then east, from Amras' mine (see location map)

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