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Kylian observes the area near Sloeford from the watchtower that is located near the Torreya Brook. Some time ago he located a brigand camp north of Sloeford. The bad thing is that these brigands managed to take some soldiers, who were patrolling the area, as hostages. Kylian and other High Elf soldiers that deploy in Sloeford have to stay in town because of an urgent message they are waiting for. Therefore Kylian would ask you to rescue the captured patrol.




  • Hunter Kylian is one of the NPCs you can find very early in the game.
  • To get to the watchtower, where Hunter Kylian could be found, you need to take the little path across the road from the guard standing next to the bridge you need to cross to get to Twainbrook. That little path will take you around the watchtower to the stairs you need to climb to get to Kylian.