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Before modding any file of the game it is always important to remember to backup any and all files that you will making changes to.

With the more modern operating systems (like Windows Vista or 7) you will also need administrator right to be able to make changes to files in the installation directory, but it is often a good idea to make copies of the files you intend to change outside the installation directory. A good system is to have a directory called Sacred 2 – Backup somewhere on your drive with sub-directories for each type of modification implemented. Inside each of these sub-directories you can then put a directory called edited (or something of that sort). This will allow you to always keep the modified and unmodified game files separate, and allow you to keep track of what has been modded.


You will need to be able to keep track of the changes that you have made as you will need to reverse these change, if you intend to install an official patch for Sacred 2.

Some mods might work in multiplayer, but it is often best to play all multiplayer except for LAN with unmodified files.

If there is any doubt as to anything it is better to ask first. Questions related to modding can be posted in the modding section at DarkMatters. And remember to make backups.