Sacred 2:Inquisitor Tahlreth

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Tahlreth is a head of the Inquisition branch in Sloeford, so if you intend to work for the Inquisition, he's a right person to talk to. He could find a task for everyone who would obey his orders. Right now he is looking for a messenger to be sent to Amalia, the Commander of the Inquisition main camp.




  • In order to get to the Inquisition Temple you should take the road closest to the portal and monolith and head southwest. Follow that road around and up the hill. It will end at the temple.
  • You may want to do The Runemaster's Son quest at the same time that you visit Inquisitor Tahlreth.
  • There are six chests and two fonts inside this temple. Since you are probably still low on gold, those health potions will be very handy.