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Kat`s Pyro High Elf Build - Flame On!

By Katran

Kat`s Pyro High Elf Build - Flame On!

There are many approaches to a High Elf you can take the one I love the most is the all out Mass Fire Damage High Elf. So what can be said about Flame On in short. He doesnt like to be touched loves keeping opponents at range and as soon as they close distance end there lives. Flame On can take on the mobs as well as Bosses so if this is your type of toons keep reading.

  1. 1: Atributes and Skills.
  1. 2: Combat Arts and Modifications
  1. 3: Weapons and Armor
  1. 4: Playstyle
  1. 5: Hunting Grounds
  1. 6: Final notes

Note: This build is: Built, tested and meant for HC. It is the first High Elf to reach level 200.

  1. 1: Attributes and Skills.


- Strength: 0%

- Stamina: 0%

- Vitality: 10%

- Dexterity: 0%

- Intelligence: 90%

- Willpower: 0%



-Arrant Pyromancer Lore

-Delphic Arcania Lore

-Arrant Pyromancer Focus

-Armor Lore


-Delphic Arcania Focus


-Ancient Magic

-Shield Lore

Spending the skill points:

1. First thing you aim for is Lv75. What this means is that the moment you hit level 75 you need to have 3 masteries. Them being Concentration, Arrant Pyromancer Lore and Arrant Pyromancer Focus. This will give you the low regeneration time for the CAs as well as the extra boost to there damage. The final bonus being getting the 3 Buff at level 75. The remaining points that you have I strongly recommend spending in a mix of the following giving priority based on the order Delphic Arcania Focus, Bargaining, Constitution and Armor Lore.

2.Plan from level 76-109. From this point on I recommend spending the 5 points as followed. 3 Points to go in Concentration, Arrant Pyromancer Lore and Arrant Pyromancer Focus one in each. The remaining 2 points to go in first Delphic Arcania Focus[till you get mastery], Constitution.

3. From 110-.... All 5 points should go in a single skill till you get its mastery. Continue from 2 then Ancient Magic, Armor Lore, Shield Lore.

4. Once you get all them mastered it will be around level 170 or so by this time you will be experienced to know what to do with the remaining points. What I did was mix in points spending taking Arrant Pyromancer Focus to 114, Armor Lore to 101, Ancient Magic to 87 and everything else in Arrant Pyromancer Lore. The reason behind this spending is the following. At high levels the return from skill points spent is so low that spending in to many skills wont get any seriose results. That why I went with adding some defense and then all in damage aka lore. I didnt spend points in focus since regen was never a problem and it never was till 200. So any points going there would be a waste on the long run. Note: If this is your first toon I strongly recommend getting Bargaining Mastery before going to 3. Since that will help greatly in you toon gear support.

  1. 2: Combat Arts and Modifications.

CAs are the Pyro High Elf Life so there is no mixing things here up.

Arrant Pyromancer Tree:

- Ancestral Fireball. "This is the CA that will be your early levels best friend. Get the silver and gold mods at the same time. Its a bit hard to fight with the 2 ball mod."

  • Bronze: Greek Fire
  • Silver: Fusillade
  • Gold: Globe

- Blazing Tempest. "This is the mob killer this is the CA that will be your best friend 99% of the time."

  • Bronze: Scorch
  • Silver: Conflagration
  • Gold: Ambition

- Incandescent Skin "This is one of the 2 main buffs for the Pyro HE."

  • Bronze: Combusting Arrows
  • Silver: Energy Focus
  • Gold: Arrant Pyromancer Expertise

- Incendiary Shower "This is your main boss killer. It does massive damage as well as stun"

  • Bronze: Skull Smash
  • Silver: Smoking Rock
  • Gold: Copious Shower

- Fire Demon. "This is the 3 buff your toon will use. Adds a good boost to your fire damage."

  • Bronze: Power
  • Silver: Lively
  • Gold: Modesty

Delphic Arcania tree:

- Grand Invigoration "This is one of your main 2 CA buffs. Its job is to lower regeneration time and help HP regeneration."

  • Bronze: Arrant Pyromancer Expertise
  • Silver: Replenish
  • Gold: Resilience

- Shadow Step "This is the CA that will get you out of troubles when you are surrounded or simply want to jump to a different area through objects ."

  • Bronze: Phase Shift
  • Silver: Sanctuary
  • Gold: Mend

- Cobalt Strike "Nothing special here just useful mods on this CAs it can offer some flavor and change of pace."

  • Bronze: Heavy Damage
  • Silver: Chain Reaction
  • Gold: Explosion

Rune reading. Well there is no fixed rule on it since this will depended on the gear you have and keeping the regeneration time low and damage up. So here goes: Blazing Tempest and Incendiary Shower at a regeneration time of 1.1sec. Please dont go higher then 1.5 and try to keep the regeneration time as close to 1.1 as possible. This is very very important as soon as you reach gold and after. This CAs regeneration time is while on a Mount. Ancestral Fireball is your early level CA and keep it at a low level of regeneration. Good timing would be 1.1 but over time this will go down but with it will go your need to use this CA. This CAs regeneration time is while on a Mount. Fire Demon and Incandescent Skin read as many as possible but be watchful on negative effects. Grand Invigoration rune reading goes by the rule the more the better the sky`s the limit. This is your regeneration time safety net.

  1. 3: Weapons and Armor.

Many people have there personal choice of what to use if sets are good or not this set up does wonders for me. I love how it looks and what it adds.

Celdrahil's pandemonium- Use full set minus the armor. This will give you all the sets bonuses minus Faster Increase of Survival bonus. This is no big loss since this will be covered by the shield.

Velaria's Garment[Velaria's Heirloom Set] or Robe of Innocence[Vestments of Innocence Set] - This are the 2 armor choices. They are both the foundation of the High Elfs defense and have a high balances defense. The first one looks and flows a lot better with the rest of the set but the second one has the always nice chance to find valuables. What every you chose wont be a mistake comes down to personal choice.

Stalworth Safeguard - Its the best shield in the game and adds the Faster Increase of Survival bonus which was lost from the full set use.

Tinwora's Curse - My choice of weapon adds a good plus to CAs and is my main and only source of that bonus. I add a nice converter of Physical to Fire Damage.

Raging Ire - This axe is more or less same as the Tinwora` curse but it has one key advantage that is needed in niob it it has +exp bonus on it.

Rings - Best rings in general that I use are rings with +Fire damage/Exp bonus; +Fire damage/Find valuables bonus and last but not least rings with a good amount of Knock back as a back up on them.

Amulets - Plus to skills amulets is the way I always go both for the amulets slots as well as forging. The best for me are amulets with +skills/%defense; +skills/bonus to all types of damage types protection.

  1. 4: Playstyle.

This is a pure caster toon that is based played mounted. I recommend playing the toon on larger one spaces where you can be in full control of the area and use BTs full potential. In team play I recommend playing the role of the killer its very fun to play. Team up with a strong defense toon so it can gather the mobs and bring them in the waves of BTs that you will cast. Some of the ways to use BT is the ring making; Wave advance and Fire and forget. In closed spaces use IS as a weapon.

  1. 5: Hunting Grounds.

At the start of your journey your toon will be a weak one to say. So dont rush in hard areas stay where you feel comfortable. The higher you get the stronger the toon will get. I recommend looking at my Thylysium Pyro High Elf hunting ground topic since this is one of the best if not the best Exp place for a Pyro High Elf in the game. Desert is always a good place to go just keep the distance from the small scorpions. Grunwald a noter great place to hunt. Jungle I recommend not spending to much time here the risk/exp does not justify going here. Orcs are a noter great place to hunt as long as you dont get locked by the enemies. Swamp is a place where BT will be useless but once you hit gold and later Plat your defense will be good and IS will be all you need to clear the area. One last thing you are playing a High Elf as other elfs they like the surface and to look at the sky so please no adventures in places like the Orc cave a High Elf has nothing to look for there since you can get exp faster in other places easier.

  1. 6: Attribute and Skills at level 200.


- Strength: 486

- Stamina: 702

- Vitality: 598

- Dexterity: 556

- Intelligence: 1455

- Willpower: 695


- Concentration : 109

- Arrant Pyromancer Lore: 198

- Delphic Arcania Lore: 12

- Arrant Pyromancer Focus: 114

- Armor Lore : 101

- Bargaining : 75

- Delphic Arcania Focus: 75

- Constitution: 75

- Ancient Magic: 87

- Shield Lore: 75

  1. 7: Final notes.

Keep your distance from enemies the waves of BT are your best guard. Later on you will be able to chat on server while monsters hit you but this is not to be tested in every area. 2biggrin.gif Last your mount is your best friend never log in without it.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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