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Some time ago Lieutenant Niran received an order to track down one of the pirate gangs of the Golden Coast. This gang settled in a cave which they made into their stronghold. Niran and his small squad were hoping to smoke out this pirate nest, but the pirates were prepared much better then the soldiers thought. Now Niran himself is injured and unable to fight while his men are held captive in the pirate cave. Since your character is a good fighter, Niran considers you a Godsend who would complete the task he failed.



  • Lieutenant Niran is quest giver for Tutorial Hirelings quest, which tries to teach you how the hirelings work in Sacred 2.


  • Lieutenant Niran is one of the NPCs you can find very early in the game.
  • Lieutenant Niran can be located in Sloeford until the beginning of the Tutorial Hirelings. He and Healer Lanara show up right outside the cave you need to rescue his men from at the end of the quest. This cave is on the Golden Coast.
  • After you completed the quest he teleports somewhere. You won't be able to find him after you talked to him and completed Tutorial Hirelings.
  • In the earlier versions of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel he doesn't leave his place near Sloeford while you're completing the quest nor even after its completion.