Sacred 2:Light of Eärendil

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This legendary Throwing Potion will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • Throwpotions as a ranged weapon class were added with Community Patch.
  • This item was meant to be a copy of Phial of Galadriel - an item of special properties that Galadriel gave to Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings. The original item was a flask filled with water from magical fountain that held the light of a star called Eärendil. Its main purpose was to bring light to dark places and Frodo used it to defeat the giant spider Shelob. That is why this throwpotion has bonuses to light range and is very effective against dark creatures and insects. Of course, originating from another franchise, this item is a Lord of the Rings Easter Egg.