Sacred 2:Lord Gemma's Clerk

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Mage Wylmieni send to Lord Gemma's Clerk hoping he has some information on the recent undead attacks. She has a feeling something bigger is going on than just a few undead raids. He is skeptical but does remember a story from 100 years ago. He unearths the document and it describes an incident involving the Legion of Terus Lemendi.

Seems Teurs was a general with a lust for absolute power. He wanted to be the most feared general of all time and made a pact with the dark forces to achieve his goal. Fortunately the ritual was interrupted by the Lumen Priests. They were able to prevent Ancaria from being overrun by an army of demons. But the ritual had already begun and it's cessation caused Terus and his army to be cursed. Every 100 years they rise from their graves and bring death and destruction to the living.

It seems too incredible to be true but given recent circumstances even the clerk thinks there might just be some truth to it. He gives you the documents so Mage Wylmieini can peruse them.