Sacred 2:Michel the Blacksmith Apprentice

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Michel is the Blacksmith Apprentice in the town of Sloeford. He seems to be quite a tricky guy, but he definitely has a talent for forging. You can meet him while he is in a difficult situation. He... well, let's say 'lost', some items that are important for the novice Blacksmith. He needs these things back if he wants to continue his study. That is why he'd ask you to help him. He offers you a sword he made as a return for your services.




  • Michel the Blacksmith Apprentice is one of the NPCs you can find very early in the game.
  • He will move to a different place when you complete the Tutorial Blacksmith quest. After completing the quest, you will find him in the Blacksmith house, very near the inn in south east direction, together with his master, the Blacksmith.
  • This guy may be considered a small Easter Egg. He is a reference to Michel, the Blacksmith from the Sacred 1 quest Where is the Blacksmith?