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This mod prevents undead from rising again after death so that they only have to be killed once like normal monsters. The original work was done by and all credit goes to Silver-D at DarkMatters.

Always remember to backup any files that you change.

To do this the creatures.txt file in the scripts/server directory will be edited. In the creatures.txt there are a number of instances that look something like this. [code]mgr.createCreature { id = 1123, itemtype_id = 4825, name = "Template_wild_rat", behaviour = "defaultBehaviour", dangerclass = 0, groupmaxcount = 8, probabilityforelite = 0.000000, rank = 0, livesremaining = 0, unconscioustime = 20, palettebits = "1111111111111111", monstertype = 0, faction_id = 7, modelscale = 1.000000, rise_from_ground = 0, has_corpse = 1, has_soul = 1, can_strafe = 0, } [/code] Where the line livesremaining = 0, is the one of interest, where if the value is equal to 0 it means this monster will be dead when it is killed (as nature intended), when the value is 1 or high it means you will have to kill the monster that number (equal to the value) of times extra, or in another way the monster will rise that number of times. So to stop undead from rising again it is as simple as changing the value of livesremaining to 0.

The easiest way of doing this is to use a text editor that has find replace function. By using such a function you can find all the instances where livesremaining = 1 and replace it with livesremaining = 0, then for livesremaining = 2 and so on up to 4.

After doing this you have to search for any instances that contains “skele” and then instances that contain “undead” (without quotes) for each of these instance check whether it has the livesremaining line, if not add it, as any undead creature has the value of livesremaining default to 1 if it is not set.

Any issues or queries can be discussed in the DarkMatters Modding forum.