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Uniques in Sacred 2 are different from the way in which they were created in the original Sacred. Uniques in Sacred were all true, non-random uniques upon which the number of mods found upon them would not change. The only thing that would differentiate a low-level unique from a higher level same-named unique would be higher values for the same mods upon the unique.

Sacred 2's uniques, while all having the same gold color, comprise two different sub-types of uniques:

  • Non-random uniques
  • Random uniques

Random uniques are generated by the game per drop. The names of random uniques have tended to have suffixes and adjectives as part of their names. Non-random uniques are hand-made by the game devs, of which there are aproximately 200 so far. They will usually have a proper noun or noun as part of the name with no additional suffixes or adjectives added.

An example of this distinction can be seen here when comparing two uniques, both gold-colored which would indicate that they belong to the general class of uniques, but with each belonging to two separate sub-classes:

Ker's Sceptre - Non-random unique (hand made)


Satin Greaves of the Gods - Random unique (game-generated)


If a contributor is unsure as to whether a unique they possess is a true non-random, they can refer to this topic here to see the complete list of names that Sacred 2 uses when creating random uniques.

As well, true non-random uniques in Sacred 2 may possibly have an additional number of different mods added to the unique as it's level becomes higher. Samaur's Chains, for example, will only have one mod as a level 56 drop, but will then have two mods upon it at as a level 68 drop.



There is also conjecture that true non-random uniques may even spawn different mods depending on the type of character class that finds the item as shown in the following example of Legoril's Amulet:



As SacredWiki is only referencing non-random uniques, please refer to the list above as to whether it is a non-random or not, and while if still unsure, please make a post with an image of the unique at DarkMatters for discussion.