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In Orcish Byway you can find the below services. See Map Icons:










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Orcish Byway is located in Northwest Artamark, on the border with Nor Plat - the Orcish region. A player will visit this town during the main quest to defeat the Gar'Colossus Boss. It also the starting point for the Unique Mounts chain quest. Orcish Byway flies the green and white flag of the Urtamark barony.

There is a cemetery North and slightly East of Orcish Byway. Use the Northeastern road out of town. There is a dirt path not far from the city limits. Turn left (north) and follow the road to the Cemetery grounds. This cemetery is the starting point for the Dark Rituals chain quest

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Quests & NPC's

Main Quest

Side Quests


  • Monolith in town
  • The portal at Grunwald is the closest one. The player may also portal from Wargfels and head north on either side of the river, or use Ruka portal (in Nor Plat region) and head South and then east on the main road.


Mostly Goblins of all types, though on the southern side a player might run into some Cult members. Boars and Bears are also plentiful. If a player heads from Ruka, they will also encounter Orcs.

And of course, the Gar'Colossus Boss.

Interesting Photos

Damaged buildings on northside of town
Birds-eye view
Special Mount quest giver
Hunting lodge on east side of town
Gar'Colossus base camp
Another view of the ruins


  • The mini portal in the pit where you defeat Gar'Colossus is bugged for the Temple Guardian. It does work for the other characters.

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