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In Ore-Thag Clan Village you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


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The Ore-Thag Clan Village is located in northern Nor Plat: The Orc Region on the shore of the Dragon Sea. An active volcano dominates the landscape and the Ore-Thags either honor their war dead or sacrifice victims to the hot lava flows. Interestingly enough, although this is their home you will not find any hostile Ore-Thags anywhere near the village (in MP).

Locate Ore-Thag Clan Village on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Main Quest


Closest portal/monolith is in Ruka. Head north from Ruka to reach village.


You will find Mounted Goblin Hunters, Goblin Boar Riders, Fighting Boars, Terror Boars and a few Kodiaks near the village.


Ore-Thag banners are red with a fearsome face resembling a Japanese demon. The Ore-Thag clan also populates the settlement of Ruka.

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Orc red vert.jpg
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Interesting Photos

Ore-Thag Docks
Spirit House
Top View of Volcano