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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Damage Done:

Weak against:

The Hitpoints, Chance to hit, Damage and Armor noted above of Pitspawn Fouldog are dependent on the level of Pitspawn Fouldog. Stats will scale based on Pitspawn Fouldog's level. Use the above stats as a guideline.


  • Pitspawn Fouldog is located in the region of Artamark. He appears in the second level of a cave system southwest of the Wargfels portal. The entrance is near the path to the fisherman's hut by the river.

Battle Notes

  • Racial Type: Demon
  • Pitspawn Fouldog spawns alongside 2 elite and 3 normal Tainted, in a relatively small chamber. There is not much room to maneuver, however there are two exits.
  • His melee attacks have physical-to-poison damage conversion, which significantly increases his Chance for Poison. His spells mainly inflict this damage type as well. Be sure to have plenty of poison armor equipped.
  • He has some damage mitigation in addition to his armor resistances. For poison damage, he is practically immune. He also has moderate mitigation against all other damage types except for magic, which he is weakest against.

Special Abilities:

  • Frost Aura - an ice damage aura similar to the Paladin's Holy Freeze. It slows your movement and attack speed.
  • Poison Hard Hit - a melee hard hit attack with boosted damage and attack rating. It also causes extra poison damage with a +35% Chance for Poisoning. You can see a green venom spray around his claws when he uses it.
  • Poison Nova - similar to the Necromancer spell of the same name, causes flat poison damage as well as poison damage over time (duration 10 seconds).

See Also:

  • Trolls (Sacred 1) - Pitspawn Fouldog's appearance is based on the "Ancarian Troll" enemy model from Sacred 1.

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