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Principal Throdeth is the person whom High Elves chose to rule Sloeford. You may find him in a big ship shaped mansion near the central square of the town. You meet him while he is praying next to the small altar on the second floor of the mansion. He doesn't seem to notice your presence and doesn't want to stop praying. Seeing him so desperate is quite sad, so your character decides to talk to Throdeth. If you talk to him, he'd tell you that some miserable thieves stole gems the town prepared to pay the taxes with. If the taxes won't be delivered to Thylysium in time, Sloeford is doomed... at least Throdeth says so. Despite a lot of soldiers who are deploying in Sloeford and are ready to protect the town, Throdeth claims your character to be the last hope of Sloeford. It seems a bit strange, but since your character is a kind and noble one, you'd believe Throdeth... at least for now.



  • Principal Throdeth is quest giver for the Light Campaign mission, the Levied Tax.


  • After you talk to him, he would happily stand up and leave his mansion. You may find him somewhere in Sloeford after that.