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Standard set items are those armor pieces commonly available from merchants and via enemy/quest drops. Every character has at least 8 individual skin types and 3 to 4 color schemes for each skin. Many of these skins are available at the merchant without the need for the Bargaining skill. To find all the color variations a player must be at least level 15 and have Bargaining at least close to their own character level. If playing the Shadow Warrior,player will be fighting many enemies and rummaging through all the drops or having another character attempt to shop for these items.

Level 15 appears to be the minimum level to find many of these sets. It is also the minimum level necessary to find 'green' sets also. For players interested in collecting these standard sets themselves, the task is time consuming and will require many hours of shopping. Some items found have taken several hours of shopping just to find one of a certain color scheme. Some may only appear in the pre-expansion version of the game, or at least, were much easier to find.