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In The Sparkling Forest you can find the below services. See Map Icons:

Note: Services are available just north in The Old Camp

The Sparkling Forest is located in the western Crystal Plane region, south of The Old Camp and northwest of Island of a Thousand Paths. The forest is unique in the coloring and brilliance of it's trees. A visit during the nighttime is not to be missed.

Locate The Sparkling Forest on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


There is a monolith and boat portal to the north of the forest in The Old Camp. If neither is active, the Southern Outpost boat portal is the next closest. Head north from the outpost across Island of a Thousand Paths to reach the forest.

Otherwise you will need to go to a town that you have the boat portal active in. Then teleport to the Harbour of the Winged Ones and head west along the main road. Be prepared, it's a long walk. Visit the Sacred 2 Map of Ancaria page for an overview of the area.


You will encounter Aracins, Hucins, Ursacins, Dracolins, Luglacins and Percalacins

Interesting Photos

Daytime View #1
Daytime View #2
Nighttime View #1
Nighttime View #2