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Thelal is the Senate Envoy to the town of Sloeford. The Senate is worried by the number of Kobolds in this area. These little creatures are so multiple that they may be considered a real threat. Some time ago the Senat received a report about a mighty Kobold Chieftain and began to assume that Kobolds are scheming something. That is why they sent Thelal to Sloeford to take care of the new menace. There are some soldiers in Sloeford, but they need to stay in town to secure the area. That is why Thelal tries to hire somebody, who is strong enough to be able to slay Gahanka, the Kobold Chieftain.



  • Thelal, Senate Envoy is quest giver for The Kobold Chieftain quest, the first boss quest in the game.


  • His quest isn't the easiest one, and it would send you far from Sloeford. Be sure to finish other quests in this town before you'd try to complete Thelal's mission.