Sacred 2:Voodoo Dryad (black magic woman), 1-100 in 20 hours or less(fast leveling shopper)

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Voodoo Dryad (black magic woman), 1-100 in 20 hours or less (fast leveling shopper)

By karruptedkat

The proof this works click the link.


Now that you have seen the proof lets get started shall we?

Voodoo Dryad

This is by far the fastest leveling character I ever built and has helped all the other characters I built after her. The Dryad is probably one of the most over powered jobs in the game and very simple to use. Not saying to do this will be a cake walk but after you get the routine down it will be very simple. If at anytime you die using this build just rebuild her using the gear you have found and shrunken heads. Its to easy to level her to have a death on this build. Plus when you die you lose your survival bonus.

This character was built on Ps3 and has been proven to work on xbox 360. Im not 100% sure about computer use of this build or if it will work on blood and ice expansion since alot of parameters have been changed. Skills[/size]

1. Nature lore(2) 4th most important skill. dump points here early to get Ancient Bark fully modded then hold off till later on after Viperish Disease is fully modded to continue and dump points in here.

2. Voodoo lore(3) at the start one of the most important as soon as you get this dump 9 points asap to get Viperish disease fully modded its your main supply of experience. (After Viperish Disease is fully modded dont ad anymore points here let your + skill amulets/rings do the rest)

3. Enhanced perception(5)*only to level 5 till later so you can acess Bargaining* you can put more points here but I didnt add any more then 5 period I let the + skills do the work here.

4. Bargaining(8) Upon attaining this skill always keep it maxxed out everytime you level add one skill to bargaining.****main reason for this build after you get acess to this keep it at your level. Meaning if your level 35 it should be level 35(Hard points) no eceptions This skill works best @ 2x's your level. So if you are level 35 it should be 35 points that you have added to it but when you check its actual level it should be @ level 70 for the best shopping results. This is acchieved through plus skill amulets, rings and also the relics you wear. There will be more and more relics that give a very good amount of bargaining boost if you buy them directly from the merchants. Also another note on shopping ive found the best items from regular campaign. Though if you choose to make a free world you can warp to a different city then warp back to get that merchant to offer you a better item. Also make sure you have you have on the max amount of + skill on before you click the merhcant. LAst important thing to know about shopping + skill adds to your bargaining skill also + general skill adds to your Bargaining skill.

5. Concentration(12) * obvious*

6. Nature focus(18) This skill keeps you alive thru golden glade touch and ancient bark so always keep it close to capped.

7. Combat Dicipline(25) add as needed points here

8. Voodoo Focus(35) 3rd on the list of importance if points are left add here. main supply of experience is thru voodoo also keeps moribund animus high.

9. Ancient magic(50) Lowers mob resistance to spells need I say more?

10. Shield lore(65) 10th skill totally up to you I chose shield to give her a boost in defense when fighting bosses like griffin who dispel you but this skill is 100% not even needed w/ this build so up to you what you choose here.

Combat art Mods

(In order of mod priority)

Ancient Bark---slippery,divert, invigorate***Very important to keep you alive keep this buff capped at all times very high physical resistance and also healing power from its natural regen affect***

Golden glade---Bandage,Perservere,Diligence

Edelphic lances---Thorns,sting,singe(mod fast if you plan to do quest/kill bosses this is your main supply of damage)

Tangled Vines--- Sprawl,Singe,Intent( combined w/ EL your main supply of damage modded thru nature lore/focus)

Acute mind--- Insight,Insight,Easiness

Viperish Disease---Relapse,Transmission-Contaminate ******** very important add points to voodoo lore to get this modded asap****(only eat 10-20 runes in Viperish Disease thats all you will need to help it spread as needed) In the later part of this characters build you will be wearing + combat gear so you will still only need to have read a max of 20 runes in this skill period even at 100+.

Twisted torment---Headhunter,Sadist,ravage

Black curse---Porous,Elongate,Dispel

Moribund Animus---Stoneskin,Headhunter,Fury** this guy will get you the heads you need to make this build work some dump some runes in him fast**

Malicious Totem---Modded-solid,Pointed,Expert Attributes

Dump All your points into Inteligence( you wont need them anywhere else w/ this build) in the early years if you choose so you can add some points in stamina and also dexerity. The reason behind my dumping all the points in inteligence is it helps Viperish Disease spread faster do to its spell intensity. Also it boost your main supply of damage for killing bosses in the later parts of play.


W/ her I used sword/shield combo. Or staff if you can find a decent one. I was fortunate and found a officers saber early on to help this build. Her best chest piece is the chestpiece of time which drops off white Griffin quiet often. and typically he will die from Viperish Disease easily if he isnt already dead by the time you can run up to him. if hes still up cast Viperish Disease on him and gather all the kobolds near him to keep Viperish Disease bouncing back to him.


1. GoldenGlade Touch

2. Viperish Disease

3. Black curse, Tangled vines. Edelphic lances,

4. Twisted Torment or Malicious totem for boss killer/farming to add damage to the totem dont forget to use acute mind before casting the spell.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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