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In Bluestone Lake you can find the below services. See Map Icons:

The Bluestone Lake is a large water extension placed in western Tyr Lysia. There are many interesting places all around the lake, and the most important are Bluestonbury, Libi's Pratfall, Sonnenwind, the Strange Traveling Circus and Villa Boerdijk.

Locate Bluestone Lake on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

Side Quests

  • See Notes.


The nearest portal to Bluestone Lake is the one between Sonnenwind and Teardrop Hamlet. There are also several small boats and portals around the western shore of Bluestone Lake that take you to the various islands and more remote parts of the lake.


  • See Notes.

Interesting Photos

Bluestonbury docks
Sonnenwind docks
Villa Boerdijk
Master Hekleniel's Diving Machine


  • Refer to one of the particular places listed below to know more about the services, quests and enemies in each of them:
  • Bluestonbury is a small town on the northwest shore of Bluestone Lake.
  • Libi's Pratfall is a series of spectacular waterfalls on the eastern side of Bluestone Lake where it drains into the Swamp Region.
  • Sonnenwind is a small town on the southwest shore of Bluestone Lake.
  • Strange Traveling Circus is a remote location on the northern shore of Bluestone Lake.
  • Villa Boerdijk is a small island in Bluestone Lake and can be accessed by a boat portal south of Sonnenwind.