Sacred:A slimmer, more powerful sera in five easy steps, Quickies for wonderbabes

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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

Easy steps for new seraphim players:

1-Stay active and exercise...don't read too much.

Careful with reading too many runes. Reading too many has been the downfall of many a seraphim in Ancaria. Too many runes...too much regen! Read one, and create booster slots out of your weapon slots. Put in Weapons or Shields that can boost which ever particular CA you need to have boosted while casting a spell or using a combat ca

2-A second on the lips...forever on the hips!

A good sera needs good conditioning. Jogging's a girl's best friend. When starting out...create a Speed booster slot...again...use a weapon slot with items that enhance movement speed. For a sera with little defense...speed is of the essence. An important mod like this CANNOT be left to chance when picking armor or other items for Damage or Defense. Make sure you've got Speed...and you can make sure you've got it by creating a Speed slot.

3-Sera's LOVE magic...all those pretty colors and BIG lightning bolts...what girl can resist! create a magic regen booster slot by again, using a weapon slot. ...this takes almost no time...and can shave off more than 75 % of the regen time off of spells! cast from your spell booster slot...then after the battle is over...switch to your magic regen booster slot...this enables EXTREMELY accelerated magic that by the time you arrive at your next battle... your WonderBabe is all freshened up with full power spells at her disposal!

4-Multitask, Multitask, Multitask!

A good seraphim can do everything at once...and more! Go Hybrid. It's important NOT to discount the effects that Buffs can have. Sera's have NO defensive buffs with the exception of Light Shield (only against Arrows). Use a highly powered booster slot to increase spell intensity by increasing the level of spell that is cast, then make sure you have a good rbol or light to leech back damage. So many seras go all melee, not knowing that adding magic to her unique, magical repertoire adds variety, power and punch to the package! Going Hybrid takes just a few adjustments.

1-Don't read more than a few spell runes

2-Create a spell regen booster slot

3-Always cast spells from your spell LEVEL booster slot (not to be confused with the spell regen booster slot!)


Now you're on the road to adding massive spell and buff capablities to your sera at NO cost to yer melee offensive.

5-A little knowhow is a girl's best friend!

Understand...listed damage means nothing. Only the damage that floats is real. For damage to exist...there must be an attacker and and attackee. It's that simple So understand how resistance works...and make sure you've got the right weapon for the right job

Going against undead?

Stick to Fire and magic damage in this region: For buffs stick to Light NOT rbol...more of it's damage is useful against the undead than rbol, because Light is pure magic...rbol...half phys and half magic. Celestial light does wonders cuz it's pure magic. And...make sure you know the damage your weapons are doing. Against undead...stick to weapons using either fire, magic or a mix...those two will give you the highest yield against undead.

Good luck, and stay on the road to a slimmer, more powerful seraphim in just five easy steps! Cheers!