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Armor Glow and Resistance Bonuses

1) Armor Glow/ Resistance Bonuses?

Armor glow – A visual representation of special resistance bonus(es). i.e., A vivid color change in your character's appearance when you acquire one or more of the resistance bonus(es).

Resistance Bonuses – There are four resistance types:

When you combine items (armor/jewelry/weapons) in a systematic way, you can acquire a +15% bonus to a selected resistance type. They are reflected in the inventory screen [I], in the Sacred circle that show your set bonus. i.e. there are four basic kinds of Armor glow: Physical, Fire, Magic and Poison.

2) Glow Points Requirement

Explanation: In order to acquire a resistance bonus and its glow, one needs to collect enough points, and these points are known as "glow points". The requirement is as shown below:

  • Physical: 8 glow points
  • Fire: 6 glow points
  • Magic: 6 glow points
  • Poison: 6 glow points

Sadly, there is no in game counter to keep track of your glow points. These numbers are gotten from testing. i.e. you have to keep track of the glow points yourself.

3) How to Get a Glow Point?

1) 1 point from an armor with a dominant resistance.

2) 1 point from a weapon with a dominant damage.

3) 2 points from an item (armor/weapon) with a dominant resistance and a dominant damage.

4) 1 point from jewelry with either a dominant damage or dominant resistance.

5) no point is earned from an item that does not exhibit a dominant damage nor resistance (e.g., if two resistance values are equal, there is no dominant value)

Explanation for 1):

A boot with only poison resistance will give you one glow point in poison.

Explanation for 2):

A weapon with 100 physical damage, 50 fire damage will give you one glow point in physical.

Explanation for 3):

How to get 2 points from an item? The power of socketing.

We know that weapon only spawn with damage, armor with resistance.

So the trick here is to socket the opposite (damage vs. resistance) into a socket. Thus, socket resistance to weapon, socket damage to armor.

Explanation for 4):

Jewelry has either damage or resistance (but never both) and they cannot have a socket, so only one point is possible. Special Note: There are two (at least) unique pieces of jewelry that do provide both damage and resistance, hence allow 2 points. (See below)

Explanation for 5):

With respect to Armor Glows, only the maximum damage or resistance is considered. Thus, on a sword with 50-70 physical and 10-70 fire damage, only the 70 maximum on both are considered – this sword will yield no glow point since it has two equal damages (and no dominant).

Socket comes into play on this as well. If you have a helm with 30 fire resistance, it yields a glow point for fire. But if you socket a ring with 30 physical resistance into the helm, the helm will no longer yield any glow point. To expand even further, if you socket yet another ring with 10 poison damage into this helm (with the ring), the helm now yields a glow point for poison.

4) Possible Glow Points for a Character

Following the above rules, we can now calculate the maximum possible glow points for each character based on how much they can wear.
Character Armor Items
(x 2)
Weapon Shield
(x 2)
(x 1)
Battle Mage 7 2 6 24
Daemon 8 2 5 25
Dark Elf 8 2 5 25
Dwarf 7 2 6 24
Gladiator 8 2 3 23
Seraphim 7 2 3 21
Vampiress 8 2 5 25
Wood Elf 7 2 6 24

5) How Many Glows Can You Have?

Four Glows?

Recall that we need 8 for physical, 6 for fire, 6 for magic, and 6 for poison.

So in order to have all four glows we will need:

8 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 26 glow points

For up to three glows the following:

Physical, Fire, Magic: 8 + 6 + 6 = 20 points Physical, Fire, Poison: 8 + 6 + 6 = 20 points Physical, Magic, Poison: 8 + 6 + 6 = 20 points Fire, Magic, Poison: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 points

For up to four glows the following:

With the Unique Ring and Amulet described below, characters can increase their maximum glow points, by anywhere from 2 to 6.

This Ring is for all Characters and gives two Glow Points. The Wood Elf Amulet that gives two Glow Points

With this Amulet and the Sneaking Ring, the Wood Elf easily can get the 4-Resistance-Glow, even wielding a two-handed weapon and no shield.

Even with these items, however, the Gladiator and Seraphim still cannot attain 26 glow points, and thus cannot reach four glows.

A Daemon exhibiting four glows:


6) Worth It to Keep Track and Maintain all four Glows?

Probably not, except for the exceptionally rare look and perhaps use for pure casters.

1) There are Wood Elf runes with +15% to all resistances.

2) At later character levels, vendors start selling jewelry with higher bonuses.

3) Basically you will always get an armor glow of some sort on your character just because class-specific armor and weapons tend to bear certain dominant resistance or damage type. You will probably unwillingly get physical glow on melee fighters and magical - on casters.

4) Going mono-elemental damage can be more efficient than multi-elemental, so by having a lot of similar-type damage on your weapons, jewelry and socketable items you will win a distinct armor glow (not three, even not two).

5) Its a good idea to concentrate on resistances against the damage type used by deadly monsters, i.e. fire and poison. Getting a third glow or fourth glow is associated with going multi-elemental or sacrificing damage rings for resistance-bearing rings and amulets.

Thus having three or more glows could be considered a bad idea, except for pure casters who do not benefit from damage ring.