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sbfge.png The Seraphim conjures an energy discharge from the heavens and receives a mystical weapon of her ancestors. This blessed device can fire glistening spheres of energy or strike directly like a melee weapon. If used as ranged, the spheres pass through any opponents they meet causing them severe physical damage| based injuries. This Combat Art| is augmented through the skills Weapon Lore, which increases the Damage dealt, Concentration which reduces regeneration time and Long-handled Weapons which improves Attack Speed. The animation in the game will have the seraphim float up in to the air as a loud thunderbolt from the heavens strikes her and and transforms all her weapons in the weapon slot she was using, while bequeathing her with the new weapon. When the weapon fires, it makes a very loud sound reminiscent of a laser from a space video game.

This Combat Art is NOT resisted by any monster in the game.

Usage Strategies

  • The BeeEffGee bolts can pass directly through all enemies in a row and hit enemies side by side close to each other with "splash" damage. That makes the combat art ideal for caves where you can have your back against a wall and be surrounded by enemies.
  • When the combat arts Duration is almost over or over, run a little away from enemies to recast the combat art.
  • Use life leach and Rotating Blades of Light with this Combat Art to maintain Health Points when dealing with mobs.
  • Socket physical damage +x% rings in to your equipment and your damage will increase.
  • Try to always have Duration longer than Regeneration

Pros and Cons


  • Substantial damage, one bolt will pass through many enemies while inflicting damage.
  • Pure physical damage, allows for the ability to hunt everywhere in the game resulting in almost standardized damage most monsters all share a weakness against Physical Damage.
  • Excellent range, can hit enemies across the screen.
  • No monster in this game can resist the damage inflicted by this Combat Art


  • The combat art takes a long time to animate before the weapon is ready to fire.
  • In early levels (under level 10) the combat art is very buggy and full of glitches, making it's utility only useful at higher levels. This is due to the BFG staff that's "summoned"/used by this CA has a level requirement of it's own, and despite it being fairly low (lvl <10), if you do not exceede that level, your character will drop the Staff. This is not a problem when you meet the requirements for the Staff, additionally, the level requirement is constant and will not increase as the level of the BFG CA increases, so it is only an issue for the first few levels of the character's life.
  • The bolts are slow.
  • The new weapon which the Seraphim uses to launch these bolts replaces all weapons in the socket that the Combat Art is cast from...thereby making useless all values and mods coming from the original weapons in that socket which may have had a positive value upon the Seraphim, with the exception of mods that boost the level of the BFG.