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Cataract of Agility
Type Combat Art
Character Class Battle Mage

The Cataract of Agility is a Combat Art available for the Battle Mage.

Official Description

"Increases agility, attack speed and movement rate of the mage or a companion."
- Sacred Gold Manual

Stats Chart

Cataract of Agility lvl 1 10 25 50 100 150 200
Duration 20 29 41 60 60 60 60
Speed 15% 33% 63% 113% 213% 313% 413%

Legacy Description

The agility of the Battlemage or a targeted ally will be increased for a period of time. This will increase both the speed of attacks and movement speed.

Usage strategies

Although it is not indicated as part of the description Cataract of Agility can also increase your attack rating and chance to hit quite a lot.





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