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scli.png The Seraphim, using her Combat Art Celestial Light, conjures a pillar of light from the heavens. All opponents within its light radius will suffer severe damage.


Usage Strategies

Multiple Celestial Lights can be cast, all depending on how the spell is set up. A more powerful single cast will occur if many levels of Celestial Light are read v.s. multiple castings of the spell occuring with a lower number of runes read. The Celestial Light is a stationary area of effect spell which produces pure magical damage. This CA can be cast anywhere on the screen within line of sight for the seraphim, especially upon the area the seraphim is standing upon as a kind of "shield" that will do damage to all attackers. Depending on the strength and regeneration time of the Celestial Light that a particular seraphim is casting, this spell can be used in a number of different ways as testimony to the Seraphim's diverse and large arsenal of mystical and technological weapons.

Pros and Cons


  • Can be an almost instant cast depending on how high the level of Heavenly Magic is, which affects damage as well as the casting time.
  • Does pure magic damage..excellent for hunting undead
  • Depending on how fast the regeneration is, even 15 Celestial Lights can be cast onscreen at once, which makes it excellent for hitting groups of archers, or tagging far off monsters to have them come to you.
  • Can be cast as a distant Damage Over Time which is location-fixed, or on the Seraphim herself while all monsters are attacking which, when combined with life leech and Rotating Blades of light, makes for an excellent mob killer while maintaining the Seraphim's health.
  • Can be cast anywhere on screen within direct line-of-sight.


  • Is location-fixed. If cast on a far off enemy, the enemy can move out of it's range towards you.
  • If cast upon the seraphim with all enemies attacking her in the center, if the Spell runs out, she will be directly in the middle of all attacks taking enormous damage. This strategy is a gamble, it's important to know instinctively how long your casting lasts.
  • It is challenging getting the regeneration to less than one second without using items that help boost the level of the spell and then casting from that slot while switching to another slot for the regeneration. The mod called Wounds Increase Damage Dealt will do it, but the risk to health points is substantial.