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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

The Unorthodox Vampire


In may past Vampires were among my favorite characters in Sacred. I tried out many builds concerning Sacreds cursed bloodsucker*: the Knight, the dark Hunter and the Necromanceress. But above everything i liked the Hunter who roamed the dark (or d.a.r.k.) places of Ancaria. Her lighting fast almost unstoppable attacks made every creature her prey and when the night has fallen the power she wielded increased tenfold**.

Now we are discussing a way to increase her power even more.

The Concept.

Vampires using high lvl Attack CA ripping trough enemies with a fearful grace. The vampire Attack CA has the best values considering lvl/damage, better than any other chars Attack. With a good vamp build you could simply ignore (the bugged) Multi Hit. With this build we try (and will) to reach the one hit per kill using Attack CA. Doing so we will use the already mentioned CA a freshly created vampire and some very important gear.

The keyword for this build is Physical damage (and a lot of it) and reducing the enemies damage resistance.

Every one who tried a vampire even if for a few hours noticed that she changes her for to gain most of her supernatural abilities. The shape changing transforms most of her equipment along with her especially the weapon she holds. If you give a bow to her hand the ranged weapon would turn to a melee attack. Now this gives our Unorthodox girl the strength to overshadow every other melee build. To say it more clearly you will gain all the bonuses of a powerful ranged set without the hinderaces that would affect any other not mainly ranger type char using a bow. So when you turn to vampire the bow will disappear and you will have your normal melee claw attack BUT all the special effects of that set will stay.

The Gear.

This Build is built around a set item called Ettol'Rahc-Notwen's Bow (Newton Charlotte if you like). Besides good damage and nice RSM this bow (fully completed set) has a very nice set bonus: it takes away most of the physical resistance of the enemies. So first we build up a considerable physical damage then we reduce the ability of the enemies to resist it. The outcome is the Unorthodox Vampire, the unstoppable killing machine, queen of destruction and her Majesty the Lady of Death (etc... etc...).

Besides Ettol bow we would need to get 3 types of items:

First: jewelry with great phys damage and/or xx% phys damage. The best would be gather jewelry with bonuses like: weapon damage physical: xx% Strength.

Second: gear with bonuses to Attack CA (or all CA's). Best example would be Lady Magory gauntlet.

Third: gear with lots of RSM and/or phys regen bonus. Preferaby a good blend of them***.


Socketing is key to the success of this build. You need really high base physical damage and jewelry that either increases it even more and/or raises %phys damage. Besides the nice yellow rings with +20-26% phys damage there are certain invaluable unik jewelry we need to find/ask for/trade/beg. Seek out those stuff and socket them in every places.

Its not that easy to balance it for the best effect but with some practice you will succeed. I propose go for damage over defense or resistance.

An interesting addition for the build could be WIDD.(if you can find enough WIDD on pure phys damage type rings)

The Attribute Points.

This part is very simple to follow: put all points to Strength. The equipment we will use (except for the bow itself) will increase your damage through strength so we should improve that as much as we can.

Another option would be impoving Dexterity. This way you would increase damage and the ability to hit the enemies. Improving phys regen could work too but with my own Vamp i put all points into Strength and never regret that decision.

Strength = Increases greatly Damage, little attack rating, good HP bonus

Dexterity = Increases attack and defense rating and because of our bow the damage

Physical Regeneration = Increases HP and RSM.

The Skill Points.

For the general skill progressions you could find great tables from various sources so we wont speak too much of them here. About the general skill progression and an overview there are already some excellent guides like:

Progression of Skills + Average Gain per SkillPoint, Extracted from Librarian's full progression tables

So after reading trough those pages let us go through the required skills:

Weapon Lore, Armor, Ranged Combat, Constitution, Vampirism, Parrying and Agility. As last skill you could choose whatever you wish. (for example Trading if you like the business women attitude)

Ranged is needed for Ettol Bow and it increases your attack rate and to hit chance. Don't forget that our main weapon is a bow!

As a general rule for skills: increase every skill till that point where you still see noticable increase. After all the skills you use are around lvl 50-70 continue increase those you think would serve you the most.

The Combat Arts.

The build uses only a few CA's. Mainly the Attack CA and Guardian Bats, Combat Jump as support. And ...thats all required. Of course you could experiment with other CA's as much as you want.

Its important to read only a few attack runes. I propose that you stay at 1 read rune and get the others from item bonuses. My own Vampire has around (depending on current gear) 130 Attack Ca while read only 1 rune. That will provide you a really low regen time while a considerably high lvl Attack CA would help you spread havoc and destruction.

Last words.

Good attack, good HP, awesome damage - these are your strengths. Sadly defense isn't really among your strongest points. You will play without a shield and you socketed your gear to have the best damage possible not really heading the need for resists. So be Vigilant!

Faint-hearted are still welcomed!

My own vampire using this build is my standard rune hunter**** now roaming niob and slaughtering Bosses with a few quick hits.

  • Having conscience is a curse for a Vampire. The question is ironic: who got the worst fate - the seraphim who's blood was sucked by thy vampire or the vampire who were cursed with conscience because of this feast.
    • Literature has its own liberty. No matter her damage is paramount at night.
      • For total its better to have +300 phys regen and +400 RSM than +500 phys regen OR +600% RSM
        • She is created far before the ladder and lately i play only my ladder chars. (i could be so unjust to my own creations.)