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For a short time, the Daemon’s weapon and shield are on fire. This greatly increases the attack value with opponents suffering additional fire damage. The % bonus fire damage is applied to all fire damage you do, regardless of the source (melee/ranged/spells), it therefore becomes a useful way to increase the damage that your spells will do, if they do fire damage. However, sometimes Infernal Power can cause a display bug which reduces the frames-per-second to very low (single digit) numbers, this is usually "fixed" by swapping to a different weapon set, then swapping back.


Usage Strategies

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Pros and Cons


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Damage Type(s): Fire, % Additional Fire Damage

Infernal Power lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Attack 40% 1020% 2020% 3020% 4020%
Damage (fire) 13(13) 144 (144) 277 (277) 411 (411) 544 (544)
Fire damage +35% +275% +525% +775% +1025%
Duration 30s 79s 144s 90s 90s